Chase Claypool Says the Steelers Aren’t letting Him Down

Claypool promises not to back down and that the Steelers are letting him do his thing. Last season, Claypool tweeted “Losing? Never heard of her. Claypool claims that he will be more than willing prove that the Steelers don’t let him down. Claypool cites a tweet that he sent last year, when the Steelers were 7-1 and not 2-8.

Claypool, who has been playing in the NFL since 2009, made his debut in the 2013 season with the Steelers. He finished with 873 yards receiving and nine touchdowns in his first year. He also scored two touchdowns on the ground. Claypool was the first Canadian-born player ever to score four touchdowns in a single game. He was also named the NFL’s rookie champion. He won his hometown Joe Greene Great Performance Award for his rookie season.

Claypool’s NFL career may not be in its early stages, but he has been able start his own apparel company. Claypool, who goes by the name “Mapletron”, has created t-shirts and hoodies as well as masks, hoodies and cell phone cases. Claypool says that his collegiate friends are what make him so special. He also wants to create a line of clothing that will tell stories.

When he first joined the NFL, he was one of only a handful of Canadians. In the season before Chase was drafted, only ten of the 1,696 players were Canadian. His talent and confidence made Claypool a great candidate for many American college programs. Local supporters of Claypool uploaded his highlight tapes to Facebook. Although he had never heard of Notre Dame until his teammates put the school on Facebook, he instantly knew about the program.

Claypool, a Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, recently signed an endorsement deal for Jordan Brand. He will now be a Jumpman23 athlete. Claypool contacted his head coach Mike Tomlin for a recommendation and he chose Jordan. Claypool’s athletic abilities make him highly marketable. This was a natural fit. Despite the controversy over his decision to endorse the company, Claypool plans to keep himself busy during the offseason. The deal between the two parties will ensure that Claypool’s popularity doesn’t wane.

Claypool’s reputation grew as he played for the Steelers in 2018. He signed a four-year contract with the team in 2020 and will continue to earn more money with each passing season. His cap hit will reach two million dollars by 2023, and his salary will rise even higher. So what does Claypool’s future hold for the Steelers? He’ll surely make a difference in the future of the team.

Chase Claypool Says the Steelers Aren’t letting Him Down
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