Cheap Flights From Louisville to New Orleans

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There are many options for cheap flights from Louisville and New Orleans. One option is to take an evening flight, since these flights tend to be less expensive. Evening flights can be cheaper than flights that depart during the day by up to 36%. However, if you are flexible with other aspects of your flight, you can score a great deal.

If you book your flights at least 15 days in advance, you can save up to 12% on the cost of your flight. If you can’t wait that long, you can find flights this week for as low as $209. In general, September is the most affordable month to travel to New Orleans. The most expensive month is June.

Southwest Airlines is another great option for flights from Louisville to New Orleans. The company offers low fares and often has special deals on hotels and rental cars. Southwest Vacations offers great deals and flight discounts. These deals are especially attractive if you’re looking to take the family on a vacation.

Six hours is all it takes to fly from Louisville to New Orleans. Most flights depart at around noon PST, with two direct flights per day. The distance between the cities is 991 miles (1,595 km). Six hours and 39 minutes is the average flight time.

Cheap Flights From Louisville to New Orleans
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