Cherifer For 1 Year Old Review

The company behind the popular multivitamin Cherifer claims that it can help children grow taller and stronger. The company markets the product in various forms including tablets and syrup for young children, and even pharmacist assistants buy it after their salary is paid. The product’s founder, Dr. Richard Lasco, is a community health physician who became aware of the importance of vitamins and minerals in child rearing through observations of his patients, including mothers who asked questions about the products’ ingredients.

The company’s Cherifer for 1 year old formula provides the essential amino acids for the body’s growth and development. Children reach their peak growth during the pre-adolescent years, but can grow into their early 20s. Riboflavin, another key nutrient, helps convert carbohydrates into fuel and produces energy. It is also responsible for the proper function of the liver, nervous system, and skin. In developing countries, moderate zinc deficiency can restrict the child’s growth. It can also lead to reduced resistance to infections.

The 240-ml Cherifer for 1 year old formula contains a double-strength Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). This nutrient supports the development of the brain in active children. The supplement also contains taurine, which helps the mental and physical development of children. It also boosts the immune system of young children and upgrades their body’s ability to utilize low-quality protein.

Cherifer For 1 Year Old Review
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