Chihuahua Rescue Louisville KY

chihuahua rescue louisville ky 41976

The Chihuahua Rescue Louisville KY is a reliable shelter for dogs. This shelter offers temporary housing for owner-returning dogs and is located on Lynnchester Drive, Louisville, KY. They also offer additional services, depending on the breed and size of the dog. Here’s what you can expect from this animal shelter:

First, make sure you are prepared for a new pup. Rescue dogs require time to adjust to their new owners and their new routine. Dogs should be trained to follow a set schedule. Having a set schedule for a new dog is a great way to prevent erratic behavior. Remember to give the puppy time to adjust to you, and don’t take rejection personally.

Second, it is important that you keep an eye on the welfare and health of the puppy you adopt. You should visit a reputable chihuahua rescue Louisville, KY to avoid any potential problems that can arise from purchasing a puppy. Chihuahuas make up the majority of shelter dogs in the country. A majority of people who buy a puppy will get it from a shelter or pet store.

Chihuahua Rescue Louisville KY
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