How do I define my Chingona Fire?


Chingona Meaning

1. a slang phrase in Spanish that means “Bad Ass Woman”

Although the term “chingona” is Spanish, it does not only apply to Latinas.

Any woman who decides to live life on her own terms is referred to as a chingona. PERIOD.

She’s a scholar as well as a hoe. At the same time, for God’s sake. Either that or she is neither.

The key is that she has a say. And any decision she takes is correct.

A chingona is unconcerned about anything.

She is unconcerned about your feelings regarding her usage of ghetto lingo at college.

Neither her skirt length during a job interview nor anyone’s nonsense respectability politics.

Some of us are self-taught chingonas, while others are schooled.

Our capacity to control our fire is what actually distinguishes us as chingonas.

To be precise, our Chingona fire. The lighting of the Chingona fire is a revolutionary act.

A show of defiance. It’s about battling patriarchy as much as it is about lipstick.

Chingona fire is the capacity to communicate a whole message only via your brows.

It switches from Spanish to English in the middle of a discussion, with no fucks given.

On sluggish tongues, it is correcting the pronunciation of elegant words.

Chingona Fire is running for office and submitting college applications.

It’s about embracing yourself, not accepting crap, and refusing to apologize for being alive.

It’s speaking up when others try to quiet you.

Being a chingona implies you rarely require assistance.

You’re also not scared to ask for it when you need it.

It’s cruising down Whittier Boulevard in your VERY OWN low rider.

You’re stumbling into Selena and wearing your darkest lipstick and shiniest set of gold hoops.

Because chingonas don’t settle, it’s showing up to work every day at a job you enjoy.

Being a chingona entails having your own.

I’m not talking about a vehicle, a house, or a company… yet.

But you have something inside of you that no one can take away from you.

Something that can’t be shared,

Your chingona fire is yours.

It’s the reason you’re still alive.

It wasn’t by chance.

However, since you have a fire within you,

It burns brighter than the one next to it.

It’s the closeness of chisme around the kitchen table.

Women who do not belong to us share their tales with women who do.

It’s the pouring of wine into cups, which will be drunk by betraying lips.

It’s the roast that comes next.

“Girl, he was never good enough for you in the first place.”

The Chingona fire is shared by everybody.

On Sunday night, it’s self-care, and Monday morning, it’s beasting a meeting.

The magical and ancient Chingona fire

rosary beads with the Virgin Mary

Like Oshun and Yemaya’s protection,

It’s the act of composing poetry and sharing them with strangers in a room.

It entails trusting in a force larger than oneself.

Chingona fire has a flavour similar to onion and garlic that has been cooked.

Like the family recipes that have been passed down through the centuries,

It’s not pleasant. However, it is savoury. as though it were the bedrock of every home-cooked meal

This poem is written to appeal to your inner chingona. It was made to celebrate the many facets of what it means to be a woman of colour. It’s the woman in me taking the woman in you by the hand to walk beside you, not to lead or follow, but to remind you that you’re not alone.

You’re not on your own. Mija, I see you. And you’re as nimble as a fuck.

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How do I define my Chingona Fire?

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