Choosing a Red Springer Spaniel As a Pet

If you are planning to get a roan springer spaniela as a pet, it is important to know a few things. Here are some tips to help you choose the right breed for this small dog. Depending on the roaning process, the pup can be blue, liver, or red. The roaning process takes four to six months and is most common in males.

The first thing to know is that Springers can be prone to developing hip and elbow dysplasia, which may cause your pup to limp. This can be a serious condition and requires veterinary treatment. Thankfully, most cases are mild and do not affect your puppy’s eyesight. Before breeding your puppy, however, it is important to have it checked by a veterinarian. Another condition that you should look out for is entropion, where the lower eyelid folds inward toward the eye. Surgery can correct entropion.

Ears are an important part of the body and ear care. These dogs’ ears are very floppy and should be cleaned frequently. Use a cotton ball soaked with cleaning solution to clean their ears. You should never use a cotton swab to clean their ears as they can damage the ear canal. An ear infection may also result in bad odor, redness, or tenderness in the ear. Frequent head shaking or scratching may be an indication of an ear infection.

English Springer Spaniels come in several color combinations. The most well-known and most popular are black or liver with yellow markings. Some varieties come in blue or liver roan. English Springer Spaniels can be medium-sized dogs. They have a long, soft and distinctive coat. Their heads and legs are marked by feathering. Their tails are docked or tricolor. They are among the tallest breeds of spaniels.

English Springer Spaniels can be friendly and energetic, and they make great watchdogs. If they are raised with children, they will be able to get along with them. Early socialization and training will benefit this breed the most. They make great pets for active families due to their large, active bodies. They like a lot of activity. They may be attracted to puddles and are also excellent watchdogs. They may need to be kept indoors if you don’t have the space to exercise them.

The English Springer Spaniel was first recognized in England in 1902, and was bred by the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association in the United States. These spaniels are now considered separate breeds. Field Springers are prone to higher energy and are a great choice for show dogs. Show-bred dogs are more flashy and stocky with liver or black coloring.

The double coat of English Springer Spaniels offers extra protection against wet and cold weather. It also provides insulation and is resistant to thorns and briars. The coat of the English Springer Spaniel is soft and dense and contains feathering on the body and ears. It also sheds and dander. The coat of this breed requires regular grooming to maintain its beauty.

Choosing a Red Springer Spaniel As a Pet
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