Choosing Theo – Book Review

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Choosing Theo is a sci-fi romance novel with an alien abduction as the main plot. Jade is unaware of the kidnappers or why she was targeted, but as the story progresses, the mystery is unraveled. The novel has excellent messages about self-worth, being connected to others and fighting for love. The book is also full of steamy romance and female adulation on a Clecanian planet.

The story follows Jade’s journey from a dangerous alien world to a new planet with benevolent Clecanians. Jade is abducted by aliens but is rescued by the Clecanians, who have the same ancestral background as humans. She must live on the planet for a year, observing the customs and participating in a marriage. Though this process seems quite futile and uncomfortable, she decides to embrace the world, despite the cultural differences and the males’ societal norms.

Choosing Theo – Book Review
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