Chow Doodle Puppies For Adoption

Chow Doodle puppies can be adopted for many reasons. Their mellow temperament makes them an excellent choice for families with children, as well as those who want a dog that will not only be a loyal companion, but also a good watchdog. Here are the top reasons to adopt a Chow Doodle. A Chow Doodle will be one of the most affectionate dogs you’ve ever had, and they are easy to train.

These two parent breeds are very similar. Their only difference is their hair. Poodles shed a lot, but Choodles tend to shed a lot less. While a Poodle parent will help reduce the amount of hair your Chow doodle will shed, you’ll still find a few spots where hair will be left. Chow Doodles are medium-sized dogs, typically weighing between fifty and sixty pounds. Chow Doodles are also very headstrong, making them not the best choice for first-time dog owners.

A Chow Doodle’s personality is similar to that of a Labradoodle. While they’re not as obedient as the aforementioned dogs, they are energetic and social. The pups in these litters may bond with one family member while acting aloof with others. Their high prey drive makes them excellent watchdogs, but be aware that they can also be a bit reserved around strangers.

Aussiedoodles can be medium-sized dogs but aren’t very large. When fully grown, Aussiedoodles weigh around 25 pounds. They are active, so they do not do well in an apartment setting. A decent-sized yard is important for the pups. They thrive in homes with multiple pets. They also need a home with a yard, which will make them more active. A Chow Doodle can adapt to apartment living well but will need a good-sized yard.

Chow Doodle Puppies For Adoption
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