Cincinnati Bengals Head Coach History

The history of the Cincinnati Bengals’ head coaches is rich. Among them are Bruce Coslet and Sam Wyche. Both were former players and went on to become head coach. They went 7-2 in their first season together, with Blake as the starting quarterback. This was the only non-losing season in the franchise’s head coach history. In addition to those two coaches, the Bengals have had numerous interim coaches over the years.

Lewis’ tenure with Bengals was productive and long. He was the longest-tenured Black head coach in NFL history. His record was 131-122. He was able to improve the Bengals’ record from 2-14 to 8-8 in 2003. He was the head coach until the expiration of his contract. A number of players and coaches left the team during Lewis’ tenure. The team also had a long list of players who played under him, including wide receiver Marvin Harrison and DT John Williams.

Lewis was a former Bengals quarterback, but he was unable win a playoff game. Although his first season in Cincinnati was a failure, he did have some promising players. He was a 2020 NFL Draft draft pick and had a weak offensive line. However, Taylor made his team competitive, and the Bengals won a playoff game under him. With all of these positive attributes, Taylor has an impressive coaching record.

Gregg was an ex-offensive line coach for the Browns. In 1975, he was promoted to head coach after the firing of Nick Skorich. He took a year off to work for the Toronto Argonauts before returning to the Bengals. Later, he became the head coach for the New York Jets. Gregg took the job after Rice was fired. This paved the way for the next great head coach in the team’s history.

Taylor will be the youngest Super Bowl head coach. He will be 39 when his team plays the Los Angeles Rams. Taylor’s career also included a relationship with McVay. He was the quarterbacks coach of the Los Angeles Rams when they reached the Super Bowl, where they lost the New England Patriots 13-3. Despite Taylor’s young age, he is the youngest head coach in the NFL to make two Super Bowl appearances before his 40th birthday.

Brown, however, made the Bengals’ win streak against the Browns legendary. The Bengals won five out of 12 games against Browns. That won’t be a small achievement, especially when you consider the team’s record against the Browns. Taylor is well-positioned to win against Cleveland, which would be a major blow to Brown’s reputation. It could be the most important game in the history of the team.

In February, Taylor signed a three year contract with the Bengals. Although his salary is not public, he currently earns $4.5 million per year. If the Bengals win the Super Bowl this season, Taylor will make even more money. It’s impossible to know how much he could make. But if the Bengals can reach the Super Bowl on Feb. 13, his salary could double to more than $10 million a year.

Cincinnati Bengals Head Coach History
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