Cleveland Indians 2014 Schedule

The 2014 schedule for the Cleveland Indians is very interesting. They’ll likely face Toronto again in the second half. In addition, the Indians will make the most road trips in the National League before the All-Star Break. While September will be the easiest month for them, June may be the toughest. You can find out more about their schedule by reading the following sections. Listed below are the games that they’ll play.

The Indians will open the season at Oakland, before returning to Cleveland on March 4. The Twins will be their opponents twice, with one being played in Cleveland. The Indians will also host the Colorado Rockies, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Minnesota Twins in their first home games of the season. They’ll then travel to San Francisco and Houston, both of which have travel restrictions. Despite the hefty schedule, the Indians should have a good season.

As for the team’s record, the Indians finished the regular season with a record of 85-77. The Indians finished the regular season with a record of 85-77 at home and 48-33 on the road. They were 39-37 against the AL Central. For the second year in a row, the team missed the postseason. The Indians had a run differential of -0.27. There were several interesting games that had to be played in extra innings this season, but the regular season ended with a record of 85-77.

Cleveland Indians 2014 Schedule
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