Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal’s Wife

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Colby Covington claimed Jorge Masvidal had been cheating on Maritza while they were still married. Maritza and Jorge Masvidal have three children together. Jorge Masvidal will be responsible for any cheating by his wife. Rumours that he is seeing another woman have also been denied by Masvidal. They have been married for eighteen years.

Maritza Masvidal

A former wife of UFC fighters Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidall deleted their social media accounts. However, the couple was once best friends. The two worked at the same American Top Team and trained together. Covington’s rise to the 170-pound title has caused a split between the welterweights in recent years. In response to the claims, Chaos has hired an actor to pose as Masvidal’s wife.

During the summer of 2018, Colby Covington and Jorge’s wives were seen together in public. The UFC welterweight champion was in Brazil competing against Maia for interim welterweight title. He was also part of a popular Latin reality TV show. The couple re-focused their minds after their 15-year-old professional careers.

According to reports, the estranged couple are no longer legally married. However, Colby Covington maintains that they are still married. He also claimed that Maritza Masvidal has been living with him in her former home since 2017. Although there is no hard evidence to support this claim, it appears that Colby Covington has his wife living with him, despite Jorge Masvidal cheating on her for some time.

Before being married, Jorge Masvidal was in a long-term relationship with Iman Kawa. They had three children together, and were together until early 2018, when they split up. Kawa is a skilled cook and has her own YouTube channel, Better Than Your Mother’s. The couple has not fought since then. The two were together for a decade before their split.

Colby Covington

You’re not the only one wondering if Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington have a connection. There’s been quite a bit of speculation about their relationship, but neither of them have publicly confirmed it. They have not confirmed their marriage. So, what’s the deal with Masvidal and his wife?

Jorge Masvidal used to be friends with Colby Covington, but a Facebook post accusing Jorge he cheated on his ex-wife has raised eyebrows. They both had three kids together, and were often pictured together on social media. But since the couple divorced in 2018, they’ve been separated. Jorge Masvidal’s exwife Maritza Collado has also deleted all of her social media accounts. She is believed to be 35 to 40 years old, and is the mother of three children.

While he’s been single for a while, Covington’s recent split with Iman Kawa has given him a public reason to be open and honest about his life. She hasn’t defended him, but she has said that she’d rather not talk about his kids in the media or post pictures of them online. As far as their friendship goes, the two were once friends and roommates. But they’ve since turned into bitter rivals. They fought in the main fight of UFC 272 on March 5. Covington won unanimously.

Jorge Masvidal

It isn’t the first time that Jorge Masvidal has been tagged as a possible marriage candidate. The former professional MMA fighter started his career as a bare-knuckle fighter and fought in backyard brawls in Miami. After winning the July 2018 interim lightweight title, he rose to stardom in the UFC. Masvidal’s wife, Maritza Collado, posted a picture with the fighter’s mother and ex-wife.

In their relationship, Masvidal took the young Covington under his wing and they shared an apartment. They were close friends for 8 years before they began trash-talking one another on a personal level. Covington cited Masvidal’s ex-wife as an example of why he wouldn’t be able to maintain his cardio at UFC 272.

The couple, who had three children together, split in 2017. After the split, Colby Covington alleged that Jorge Masvidal had been cheating on his wife. While Jorge and Maritza were married, they have since separated and are now separated. Colby Covington’s ex-wife has deleted all social media accounts. It is unclear whether he will make a new marriage proposal anytime soon.

After Masvidal split from Collado, he hasn’t spoken publicly about his relationship with Collado. He stated that Masvidal doesn’t want the public to know about his children’s mother. Although Collado is not the mother of Masvidal’s children, she has a history with Covington, and has fought him twice.

Tyron Woodley

Covington is known for being a difficult opponent. He was a Division I All-American wrestling champion for Oregon State University in 2011. While he was in the ATT program, Masvidal took a liking to Covington and wanted to help him improve his skills. Covington bought Masvidal junk food and kept it in a shared area to impress him. After the bout, he invited Covington to a sushi dinner.

Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington had previously been training partners. However, their friendship quickly turned to a tense rivalry. Covington and Masvidal are set to meet in the UFC 272 headliner on March 5. The fight will air live on pay-per-view. Both fights can be viewed live or on demand. You can also watch exclusive episodes of UFC or Contender Series.

During the press conference, Covington has taken jabs at Jones and criticized him for speaking poorly about women. He also hinted at an alleged incident in which Jones was arrested for domestic violence. He also suggested that he beat Moses. Earlier, Covington accused Masvidal of cheating on his wife. However, his remarks have been met with criticism from the media and her fans.

Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington’s relationship is on the rocks. The two fought in 2013 and separated in 2016. The former UFC fighters are not in a relationship anymore. They are friends and once trained at the same gym. The pair have been arguing for a while. After a heated argument in Miami Covington claimed Masvidal was cheating upon Maritza Collado, his ex-wife.

alleged cheating

After Jorge Masvidal’s wife allegedly cheated on him, Colby Covington defended his former lover. Colby Covington shared a photo with his “legal wife” in which he mocked the football player. In the caption, Covington wrote, “Flawless Victory Bow down to the KING”. He also tagged Masvidal in numerous photos.

Jorge Masvidal’s alleged cheating with his wife has been reported in the media for some time. A rematch is possible. Masvidal, who is in a new relationship, is defending himself against the accusations. Maritza Collado his wife, denies any wrongdoing. While the two women are still technically married, there are a number of issues between them. Jorge Masvidal’s wife claims Jorge is a “coward” who should have avoided it.

The two are feuding over the top welterweight title. Masvidal is the No. 1 welterweight in the UFC, and Covington is a top contender. They will be competing for the title at UFC 261 in March 5. The UFC welterweight champion defends his belt against Kamaru Uman. Covington is fresh from a fifth-round TKO win over Tyrone Woodley.

UFC President Dana White supported his fighter. “We never condone violence outside the octagon,” he said. However, his comments about Covington’s wife have left many MMA fans wondering. While the UFC does not condone violence outside the octagon, the UFC president is siding with Covington, and that’s a huge mistake.

alleged lying between jorge Masvidal and his wife

After the scandalous allegations of cheating surfaced online, Jorge Masvidal is now facing a new scandal. The actor claimed that he had cheated on Maritza and was lying about it to his children. Masvidal was then slammed by Colby Covington on social media for “shitty behavior.” His supporters defended Masvidal, claiming that Covington was only after publicity.

According to reports, the fight has been put on hold as the couple has split. The pair had been together for almost a decade and had three children. However, their relationship ended at the end of 2018 and they have not spoken since. Masvidal is a skilled chef and his wife has appeared in many of her YouTube videos. The two appeared together on the video site Better Than Your Mother’s.

While the couple remains legally married, the alleged lying between Jorge Masvidal and his wife has sparked controversy. Colby Covington claimed Jorge Masvidal had cheated upon Maritza. He has three children and divorced Iman Kawa in 2019.

The alleged fight took place on a South Florida shore last month. Police claim that Masvidal was drunk when the victim was assaulted. The name of the victim has been redacted in the police report under Marsy’s Law. He was wearing a hoodie and surgical mask, and allegedly “sucker punched” the victim. The attack fractured the victim’s left front tooth, and damaged his wrist. A security camera recorded the incident and the police have obtained video footage.

Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal’s Wife
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