Colby Covington Should Stop His Trash Talk

After a week of heated trash talk between the UFC featherweight champion and his former opponent, Michael Bisping hoped that Colby Covington would learn to control his tongue. It seems that his opponents have no respect for him, despite their similar personalities and styles. However, that does not mean that he should stop his trash talking. While it is not entirely fair to call him “Chaos,” the commentator hopes that his actions and words will have the opposite effect.

In the UFC, Covington has a record of 16-3 and is a top contender. He called out NBA star LeBron James during his last fight, calling him an “elite competitor”. After the fight, Covington also called out fellow welterweight contender Kamaru Usman, calling him the “super villain” of the UFC. Covington has also created a list of trash talk rules.

Covington became hostile after the defeat of Demian maia. His trash talk turned derogatory and dehumanized Brazilians, and he has not apologized for this behavior. It is time for Covington to be held accountable by the UFC. While his actions may not have had a direct effect on the UFC’s ranking, it is better than nothing. If he does, Covington can fight in the UFC again.

Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington were once close training partners at American Top Team. They even had to be cornered in the Octagon. Despite their once friendly relationship, they are now bitter rivals. Both fighters exchanged insults during Tuesday’s UFC 272 Press Conference. To prevent an altercation between them, police were on the scene. To avoid any potential weapon, the sponsor objects were also taken off the table.

Colby Covington Should Stop His Trash Talk
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