Colby Covington Vs Warlley Alves at UFC 194

Having fought for seven years in the UFC, Rafael Alves is aiming to reach new heights in his eighth year. This fight will be his second of the year, giving him plenty of rest and time to train. Justin Weider is his next fight, and he is keen to take on Alves. Alves will be looking to face Weider after a strong performance in Round 1.

The fight between Colby Covington and Warlley Alves will be Alves’ first loss as a pro. Covington won the interim lightweight belt in June, but the belt was stripped from him later on. In this bout, Warlley Alves wants to make Covington pay for saying things about Brazil. Therefore, he vows to finish the fight faster than when the two first met.

In the UFC, the undefeated prospects would normally be main card material. The UFC schedule allows them to fight on an undercard. The fighters who join the UFC last year, Colby Covington and Warlley Alves, are already 3-0 inside the Octagon. They will meet in Las Vegas, on May 27. Watch Covington vs. Warlley Allves at UFC 194 and find out who will win.

In the UFC, Covington has been a star fighter. Covington has a solid record and was a former Interim Welterweight champion. His controversies stem from his trash talk and right-wing beliefs. He was undefeated in his eight MMA fights and was ranked among the top prospects of the UFC’s welterweight division. However, he lost his final fight to Jon Jones in an upset.

Luque starts swinging in round 1. He clinches and falls into side mount. He manages to land a leg trip but Graves is able take the back and finish with an elbow. Luque works to return to his feet, but Graves breaks off with a vicious left elbow. He also clinches Graves and puts him in half-guard. Luque eventually ends up in the butterfly protection.

Covington and Usman are expected to fight in the main event of UFC 268. It will be broadcast live on ESPN. The telecast will begin at 6 p.m. ET on Saturday. Depending on how long the undercard fights are, the fights may be rescheduled for the following evening. However, it is likely to be livestreamed. You can find more information about the fighters by watching the preliminary and UFC PPV events.

Colby Covington Vs Warlley Alves at UFC 194
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