Cole Couey and Jordan Thomas were killed in a car accident in Georgia

Two students from Georgia Southern University were killed in a car accident. Bradley Coleman Couey and Jordan Thomas, both 18, were killed in the crash. According to the Georgia State Patrol, the victims were eastbound on Interstate 16 when their truck collided with a tree. While there are many theories about the crash’s cause, they all share a similar scenario: the driver lost control of the truck and slammed into the tree.

Cole Couey’s death was not immediately explained. However, his family still needs donations to cover funeral costs and other expenses. The family and friends of the deceased are asking for help as they are struggling through this difficult time. They are open to any memorial tributes. Please consider making a donation to the Cole Couey Foundation. It will help the family and friends with funeral expenses and other costs.

The family has started a fundraiser to pay for the funeral. The money will be used to cover the funeral costs and the family will be able to continue his work. The Rev. Jason Stockton will officiate. During the service, the Couey family will share comments from their beloved son. There will be a gathering after the service, so if you want to attend, plan to carpool or share your information with a friend.

After the funeral, the family would like to hold a memorial service in memory of Cole Couey. It will be held on Saturday, February 13, 2021, at Taylor Estate in Rome. The Rev. The Rev. The co-crew will welcome guests at 12 noon. They are asking for donations to help the family continue their work. Taylor Estate will host the event. Carpooling arrangements will be available for those who wish.

The cause of Cole Couey’s death is still not yet known, but the family is requesting donations to help the family pay for the expenses associated with the service. The funds will be used to cover the funeral expenses, and the Couey family will also be grateful for any other contributions they can get. They will continue to investigate the cause of their friend’s death. The victims’ families will be able to share their emotions.

There is no official cause of death for Cole Couey. The family is asking for donations to pay for the funeral and other expenses. The family would be greatly helped to learn the fate of their dear friend. In the mean time, a wrongful death attorney can help settle the case and help the surviving family cope with the resulting pain and loss. There are a number of questions that need to be answered.

The family is trying to determine the cause. Although it is unclear at this time, a search on Twitter has revealed some possible solutions. The victims’ family is asking for donations to help with funeral expenses. It has not been determined what caused the crash, but the family is hoping that it will help Covid. A young college student’s death is an unexpected tragedy that impacts many families. The death of a beloved student is tragic and can only be interpreted in a certain light. This is how you can help the family of the deceased.

Sadly, Cole Couey’s death is a tragic event. His death was not the result of an accident, but a wrongful death. It is important to consider the cause of death of a loved one, and the circumstances surrounding this accident are unknown. All students in the community will be affected by the death of a young college student. The news will affect those closest to the deceased.

Cole Couey, a recent Model High graduate was a well-known member of the community. He was also a highly respected student in the school district. He was a strong influence in the community and was well-known within the school district. His parents, both of whom graduated from Model, as well as his mother, who was a teacher in the area, knew Cole well for many years. Despite their popularity, the family’s grief over the death of a loved one will be felt by many.

Cole Couey and Jordan Thomas were killed in a car accident in Georgia
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