Colonel Tom Parker net worth

Colonel Tom Parker was the Dutch born manager of Elvis Presley. Their partnership was uniquely successful because Elvis was a whole new force in popular music, and Parker was an entrepreneur who could market him. How rich is Colonel Tom Parker?

Talent manager. Born on June 26, 1909 in Breda, the Netherlands. Parker continued to manage the Presley estate, but he had sold the rights to Elvis’ early recordings, which would have given him a steady income. In 1980 a judge ordered an investigation into Parker’s management practices and found Parker unethical. Meanwhile, his gambling habit increasingly undermined the huge fortune he had built by claiming over 50% of Presley’s earnings, and he died worth only $ 1,000,000.

Bourgeois name: Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk
Spouses: Loanne Parker (married 1990–1997), Marie Mott (married 1935–1986)
Colonel Tom Parker Size: 1.81 m
Nationality: Dutch
His career began: 1930

What is Colonel Tom Parker’s net worth?
Colonel Tom Parker’s net worth is currently $ 1 million.

Films: Lazar
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Colonel Tom Parker net worth

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