Colts Schedule 2006

The Indianapolis Colts have released their schedule for the 2006 season, highlighting several games that will be played in Indianapolis. These games will feature the star quarterbacks of the team, as well as other key players. You can also find out more about each team’s schedule for 2006 by browsing the schedule for all of their games. This schedule is a great tool to keep track when certain players will be playing and how to get tickets.

The Indianapolis Colts will play four home games and one road game this year. The schedule is filled with games that will keep fans from getting bored. Some of these games will take place at prime time while others will take place during the week leading up to the NFL playoffs. No matter which Colts team plays in 2006, there will be exciting games. In the end, the team will be able to win their home games and finish their season as a top seed.

On September 10th, the Indianapolis Colts opened their season against the New York Giants. Peyton Manning and Eli Manning started the game opposite each other. This was the first time that two brothers had started at quarterback opposite each other since the beginning of the NFL season. Fortunately, the Colts came out with a win, but they would need to win this game to have a chance at a Super Bowl title in 2006.

The regular season saw an improvement in their record to 14-4 by the Indianapolis Colts. They actually won their AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens, which they had lost to in the previous season. The Colts moved to Lucas Oil Stadium after the game. This year, the Colts are in the playoffs for the first time since moving to Baltimore. A victory over the New England Patriots will give them the chance to win their first Super Bowl title since the move.

The Indianapolis Colts were favored to win the Super Bowl. In the first meeting, Peyton Manning threw a 68-yard touchdown pass to Marvin Harrison. Dominic Rhodes ran for a touchdown of two yards in the second quarter. The Colts were up 14-0 at halftime and the Titans drew a field goal. The Colts won the game 14-7.

In 2006, the Indianapolis Colts were among the best AFC teams. They lost some key players at the end of the 2005 season, including star wide receiver Reggie Wayne. Nevertheless, they did not let the injury deter them from making the playoffs. They won by five points and the Super Bowl will feature many more memorable moments. Take a look at the 2006 Colts schedule and see what you can expect from this team.

On their next drive, the Colts faced the Patriots. They led the Patriots to a touchdown with just over ten minutes to go in the second half. The Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning, was hit twice in the first half, but rebounded to throw 3 touchdown passes. He connected with WR Marvin Harrison twice and finished with two TD passes. Peyton Manning finished this game 14th in passing yards, and Irving Fryar eighth in career receiving yards.

Colts Schedule 2006
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