Colts Vs Falcons 2011

There are many things to see in the colts-vs-falcons 2011 game. We’ll be covering the most important details. First of all, make sure to watch the game on CBS! The Colts and Falcons are two of the most exciting games in the year and a loss would be devastating. Get your tickets today!

First, watch out for the Atlanta Falcons’ offense. Atlanta’s offense was on a week-end break this week, which could be a positive sign. The return of complementary wide receiver Leonard Hankerson should also help the Falcons’ offense. The Colts defense must be able limit the Falcons’ ability make big plays. The Colts could face a difficult day if their defense is unable to contain this offensive threat.

The Falcons started the game well. Atlanta led the game from the beginning. The Colts offense failed to score a touchdown until the second quarter. Atlanta made up for the loss with two touchdown passes thrown by Matt Ryan to Julio Jones. The Falcons also scored on a juggling interception by Jerraud Powers. However, the Colts’ defense was unable to stop the Falcons’ momentum and eventually surrendered a 31-7 victory.

The Falcons had a terrible season. They went 0-5 in their first three games, but finished at the #5 seed in the NFC. However, after a tough loss to the Lions in the NFC Divisional Round, they are poised for a big comeback against the Colts this year. Matt Bryant, the Falcons’ field-goal kicker, is only 2-13 against them.

The Saints dominated the Falcons. After a lull in the game, M.Bryant kicked a 48-yard field goal. The Falcons had a better starting quarterback in M.Ryan, and both teams were able to gain points early. This was an exciting game to watch, and the Colts’ offense took advantage of it and scored two touchdowns, a touchdown and an interception.

Since 2008, Matt Ryan has led the Falcons’ offense. Since joining the Falcons in 2008, the quarterback has led his team to the playoffs six times. This year, they’ll have another quarterback in Matt Jones. Ryan is the same age of Gronkowski and Jones is young enough to get a fresh start on their field. This could be the perfect match between the Colts and Jones if they get along well.

Colts Vs Falcons 2011
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