Colts Vs Titans 2016

Tennessee Titans: The Titans are currently at the top of the AFC South and are well placed to secure home field advantage in the postseason. The Indianapolis Colts, on the other hand, have rebounded from a three-game losing streak and have won three of four games. Their only loss was against the Ravens in Baltimore. Both teams had lost to Tennessee so a win would keep the division alive. But this time, it’s the Colts turn to win.

Although the Titans haven’t beaten the Colts in seven years, they are the better team overall. The Colts finished last season at 4-5, but they came off a bye week feeling great after beating the Green Bay Packers. This game was crucial for both teams as the Colts still had a chance of winning the division and making the playoffs.

The Colts are facing fourth down at the TEN 35. They are driving down the field with an aggressive attack. The Titans are trying to get the ball back into their end zone, but a sack by Wentz on fourth down puts the Colts in a tough situation. They must score a touchdown, but if the Colts don’t, they have an opportunity to win the game.

The Tennessee Titans won the first two meetings this season between the Colts & Titans. The Titans were favored to win the division and won the first meeting by a score of 25-16. But, since both teams are making a late-season comeback, the Colts are the favorites in today’s game. So, if you’re betting on Colts vs Titans, make sure to watch this game with your friends. It could be the most exciting match of your life.

With both teams struggling, both teams have to play at their peak level. The Tennessee Titans have been a top-10 team in recent years, but they have been mediocre this season. The Tennessee Titans were the team with the highest scoring offense but were defeated by the Baltimore Ravens in the wild-card round. If key players are available, the Titans may have a chance at a Super Bowl. Derrick Henry may be back in the lineup as early as next week.

Although there were positive aspects about the Tennessee Titans’ team, the Colts couldn’t overcome a 21-0 deficit. Despite their offensive line struggles, the Titans were unable to keep defenders out of Mariota’s face. DeMarco Murray was also not allowed to run back, leaving them with just 70 yards on 21 carries. Both teams found it frustrating.

Both teams have strong quarterbacks. Wentz has been a consistent passer, throwing only one interception during his first season. He has thrown for 1,695 yard and 11 touchdowns in his rookie season. Eight of those touchdowns have come in the four previous games. It’s not a surprising result. Despite the Titans’ lack of scoring, we can’t ignore the Colts’ offense.

Colts Vs Titans 2016
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