Copa America Centenary Ball

The Nike Ordem is the official match ball for the 2016 Copa America Centenary. Its micro-textured cover and grooves will help players control the ball and score with accuracy. Its carbon latex bladder and fused construction give it a great touch. The ball will also have a contrasting color design for a stylish look. Nike’s Ordem is also available in other designs for the final. The official ball for the tournament was released two days before the final to celebrate the past champions.

The Copa America is the world’s oldest soccer championship, and for over a century has served up its share of drama. In the past, final matches have featured four extra-time periods as well as hat-tricks with missed penalty kicks. 2016’s special edition will include 16 teams from both the North American and South American Football Federations. The competition will also include invited teams. Among the players expected to be competing in the 2016 Copa America are Neymar Jr., Edison Cavani, and Clint Dempsey.

The tournament was not the 45th Copa America, but a commemorative edition. It was part of a regional agreement between CONMEBOL and CONCACAF and included an expanded field of sixteen teams – all ten of the CONMEBOL teams, as well as six from CONCACAF. While the tournament was an official Copa, it wasn’t a qualifying tournament for the FIFA Confederations Cup, so the eventual champions qualified for the 2015 final.

Copa America Centenary Ball
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