Coraline Dogs

Coraline and her siblings were rescued off a South Dakota reservation. At only 10 months old, they weigh approximately 40 pounds. Their breed is unknown, but based on their appearance, it is likely to be a mix of various breeds. These dogs do best in families with older kids over 9 years old and with a lot of patience. They will need to socialize and get used to people before they can be housebroken.

Coraline’s father goes to work. He takes Coraline to Miss Forcible’s house where she discovers a large theater with a stage, ushers and an audience. As Miss Spink and Miss Forcible perform their variety act, they unzip their entire bodies and step out. Now, they look like young women with black button eyes. This is the beginning for Coraline’s adventures. But her parents aren’t the only ones concerned about her whereabouts.

Coraline’s family did not own the entire house. They lived in a ground floor flat, along with Miss Forcible and Bobinsky, two aged highland terriers. Coraline’s wig was also worn by Miss Forcible. Her mom was wearing a neck brace. They were a great family to have fun with and the children loved their new dad and mom.

Coraline and her sisters venture outside to discover that there’s another dog in this world. While she’s outside, she investigates the house of Miss Forcible and Miss Spink. A black Scottie dog, named “Teddy”, knocks at her door and begs for her help. “Teddy,” a black Scottie dog from a neighbor, asks her for a ticket to their show and the three decide to return to their home.

While in her new world, Coraline is left alone with her newfound independence. When she returns home, she begins to weep. Her newfound courage inspires her to continue her mission and become a more confident person. She decides to return to her real apartment, even though she feels uneasy. The film will leave you begging for more! The film is a charming family film that will appeal to all ages. The movie is available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital.

Coraline Dogs
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