Corgi Whiskey

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Corgi Whiskey, a unique blend between American barley and Canadian rye, is named after the multicolored dog Corgi. It’s made from the same barrels used to age Jack Daniels whiskey, and is 90 proof. This whiskey features a smooth finish, rich fruity flavor, and hints of caramel. Corgi Whiskey is a delicious drink that’s made for the dog lover in your life.

The brand is created in New Jersey at Corgi Spirits craft distillery. Corgis are proud to wear a crown on their dogs. Corgis are playful and distinguished – they were even owned by Queen Elizabeth II. It’s no wonder that their whiskey is a hit. Get some today! Corgi Whiskey is a great choice if you’re looking to try a new whiskey.

You can even support the Corgi Spirits charitable cause by purchasing a bottle of their cardigan whiskey. Corgi Spirits has donated a portion of its profits to local animal rescue organizations and the Hudson Pride Center. It has been made a community hub by the company, encouraging local businesses and events. Corgi Spirits is a unique venue that can host private events.

Corgi Whiskey
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