Corinn Linkowski (18) Passed Away in an Auto Accident

Last week, a Michigan resident was killed in a car accident. The accident occurred when the 18-year-old was in a head-on collision between a GMC truck and a GMC truck at Collidge Road and M-15. Her family decided to take her off life support on February 17th. She died peacefully, surrounded by her loved ones. Although the crash was tragic, the young woman’s story is one of hope and inspiration for other drivers.

Corinn Linkowski was a singer who was hoping for a career in Christian music. She performed with her sister as Haven Avenue. She had considered applying to the third season of America’s Got Talent as a duo with her brother, Craig. On her birthday, she wrote a touching social media post about losing her sister. She also posted a cover of Hillsong “New Wine”. They were close friends and shared a passion in music.

Corinn Linkowski was taken to the hospital immediately after the crash. Her organs were retrieved and will be donated to cancer patients. Her mother, who also lost her daughter, said she wanted the donation to take place in a hospital. Corinn’s loved ones will also be able visit her surviving family members. Her family was there to support her when she died. The funeral will be held on February 24th and will be followed with a memorial service at Bethany Baptist Church.

In a statement released after the accident, her parents told local CBS affiliate WNEM that their daughter planned to use Philippians 1:20 as a tattoo. It is hard to believe that her sister could be taken so soon. In fact, her death will have a lasting impact on many people, including her brother. If she were still alive, she would have wanted to make sure her family was taken care of.

Her family rallied around her family after her tragic auto accident. Isaac called Corinn “his best friend” and Genevieve his “best friend”. They shared that she was devoted to God with her heart, mind, and strength. She had plans to tattoo the words Philippians 1:20 on her arm. Her family and close friends are still grieving her loss. She died surrounded by her loved ones on February 17.

Corinn Linkowski’s family stated that her family will be a “pillar for strength” for her family. Her dad told her that his daughter loved the Lord with all her heart, mind, and strength. She was a “rock”, and a “light” for the world. Her father was proud of her and she hoped to do the same. The funeral was held on Feb. 17.

Her sister’s family attended her funeral. She wanted to be buried with her family and the ashes of her beloved dog, and she made sure that her sister knew how much she loved them. They shared a lot together, and she was never alone in her loss. Both were grateful for her kindness and her gift of her life. She gave her life to the world. So many people will miss her in their lives.

Corinn Linkowski’s life will never be forgotten. Her family will always be there for her. She touched so many lives, and her life will live on through her death. She wasn’t the only one in the hospital. Her legacy lives on through her many family members. It will live on in her loved ones. This is how she touched the world. Her legacy will touch you. She will be missed.

The family is still grieving the loss of their daughter and is considering getting a tattoo in her name. According to her family, Corinn Linkowski had no plans to get a tattoo. Philippians 1:20 was her favorite quote. It was a personal message to her family, which was also her favorite song. And it was true. It touched many hearts throughout her life. Many people will be affected when she dies.

Corinn’s family said she was a wonderful person who loved people and was very close to her. When she was in a car accident, she was not in control of the vehicle, but her mother did. She couldn’t make a decision when she saw the wreckage. She was driving with her boyfriend. She wasn’t aware that she was driving. She was suddenly struck by the car, and she was instantly killed.

Corinn Linkowski (18) Passed Away in an Auto Accident
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