Cortez Adams

Emory Law Student – Cortez Adams

Cortez Adams has discovered the value of serving others through both his personal and professional lives. This insight shaped both his work as a legislator as well as the way he approaches life itself.

Adams is perhaps best-known as the creator of the iconic Dilbert comic strip. This strip depicts an amusing yet insightful depiction of white-collar workers’ social and psychological landscape in modern corporations.

Early Life and Education

Adams grew up on a farm in Braintree, Massachusetts. There he learned how to plant and harvest crops as well as develop his passion for reading – an aptitude which would later serve him well in public service roles.

Adams noted in his biography “Old Man Eloquent” that all he desired to do was help others – an attitude instilled by his father Deacon John Adams, who taught him the value of service as the cornerstone of life.

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Professional Career

Cortez Adams (pronounced ‘ah-dah’) stood out during his recent Emory law school graduation as an outstanding scholar and graduate. He earned high honors in Emory’s esteemed competitions, and his resume boasted many impressive achievements – student body president, member of transactional law competition team and recipient of one of Emory’s highest awards: senior editorship of “Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal.” Additionally he ran triathlon circuit races occasionally while constantly learning and reading books – an impressive accomplishment given all he achieved during that short period.

Cortez was tragically cut short when a self-inflicted bullet wound took him from us all, yet his colleagues will never forget the kind and generous spirit of their late colleague.

Achievement and Honors

Edward Cortez Adams (17L), a recent Emory graduate and corporate law attorney with an affinity for books and a desire to assist others, was an active member of both Emory Law Student Bar Association as well as serving as notes and comments editor of “Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal,” treasurer of Black Law Student Association and transactional law competition team member.

Cortez made his mark in military service by winning multiple awards including Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal and four Coast Guard Achievement medals (with operational distinguishing device). While currently assigned to Port Security Unit 307 at Clearwater in Florida as boat crew member and coxswain/boarding officer Commander Adams deployed multiple times during OPERATIONS ENDURING FREEDOM Guantanamo Bay Cuba (2002); OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM Port of Ash Shuaybah Kuwait (2003); Operation Hurricane Katrina New Orleans Louisiana 2005 and Operation NEW DAAWN Kuwait Naval Base Kuwait (2011).

Personal Life

Adams is best-known for creating the comic strip Dilbert. Additionally, he has published books covering topics including politics and management.

He has an active social life as well, serving on the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG) board and speaking to thousands of patriots across the country.

He has appeared in various television and radio programs and is also a best-selling author.

Cortez Adams hails from New York City and graduated with a BA degree in International Relations and Economics from Boston University in 2011.

Net Worth

Cortez Adams, business banking relationship manager for PNC Financial Services Group Inc. in Clifton and Passaic New Jersey has spent much of the past year providing analysis on cash flows of small- to mid-sized businesses in both cities, in addition to offering assistance with contracts negotiations as well as home buying/selling needs for clients.

Jen Adams of Adams’ mother Jen described her son as an excellent student who always found time for helping others, serving as mentor to students and taking part in outreach events hosted by his undergraduate fraternity. Additionally, his strong devotion to books brought great pleasure as he would flip pages. Tragically, Adams died of self-inflicted gunshot wound on Sept 25 at age 25 as reported by his family statement; additionally to receiving his law degree he earned both undergraduate degrees in Public Policy and English from University of Mississippi.

Cortez Adams
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