Costa Cordalis assets

Costa Cordalis was a German pop singer of Greek origin. Costa is the abbreviation of Constantine. In 1965 he released his first record, You Have Tears in Your Eyes, a cover of Crying in the Chapel by Elvis Presley. His greatest success was with Anita, who reached number 1 position in Switzerland, number 3 position in Germany and number 4 position in Austria. How rich is Costa Cordalis?

Pop singer. Born on May 1, 1944 in Elatia, Greece. Costa Cordalis assets is estimated at around 2.3 million euros. At the age of 7 he learned to play the guitar, at the age of 16 he realized that he would not have much success in Greece and took the train to Germany. He settled in Frankfurt and learned German at the Goethe Institute. He studied philosophy and German.

Common name: Konstantinos Cordalis
Spouses: Ingrid Cordalis
Children: Lucas Cordalis, Kiki Cordalis, Eva Cordalis
Costa Cordalis size: 1.93 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1965

What is the net worth of Costa Cordalis?
Costa Cordalis’ assets are currently € 2.3 million.

TV shows: Goodbye Germany! The emigrants, the summer house of the stars – fight of the celebrity couples.
Music genres: Bat.
Debut studio album: Folklore from around the world (1967)
Is also often searched for: Daniela Katzenberger, Jürgen Drews, Iris Klein, Roberto Blanco.

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Costa Cordalis assets

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