Cowboys Vs Titans 2014

The Cowboys led by two scores in the first half of Cowboys Vs. Titans 2014. The Titans had just travelled 74 yards and had the first and goal from the Cowboys six yard line. But quarterback Jake Locker couldn’t convert on four consecutive third down plays and the Titans were forced to settle for a field goal by Dan Bailey. The Cowboys defense held the Titans to a mere 20% conversion rate.

The Titans blew a three-point lead in the fourth quarter after the Dallas Cowboys had blown a 17-point lead. The Dallas Cowboys’ offensive line couldn’t stop the Titans’ rushing attack and the team was forced to rely on Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. This was an exceptional game, in which neither team had other options than to throw the ball and pray for the best.

Both teams put in impressive performances and have plenty to look forward too in the next few matches. The Cowboys led by quarterback Drew Bledsoe throws two touchdown passes to Terry Glenn and runs for 131 yards. On the other hand, the Titans outscored the Cowboys by 80 points in their previous two meetings. On top of that, AJ Brimson has grabbed five tries in his last three wins over North Queensland.

The Titans had won the last matchup between the Titans and Cowboys in 2010, but the latter has been on a tear lately. After losing in Nashville last year, they’ll be hoping to win this game to get their season back on track. To stay up-to-date on all things Titans, you can sign up for the Titans newsletter. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to watch this game if you have a subscription to the Titans’ website.

The Cowboys’ defense will be a key advantage in this game. The Cowboys’ defense is a mixture of youth and experience. They have won seven of eight of their last eight games. But the Titans’ offense is a different story. DeMarco Murray played a huge game and the Titans have a better defense. He rushed for 167 yards and scored a touchdown in the last meeting.

The Titans have a lot of good players on their side and could very well surprise the Cowboys. However, they’ll need to win the game to remain in the top eight. They should be able take the NRL with that in mind. But you can’t bet against them. It’s a game of nerves and skill. You have to be patient and pay attention.

Cowboys Vs Titans 2014
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