Cowboys Vs Titans 2016

Cowboys fans are getting excited for this season’s NFL playoff games. The Titans are the favorite to win the first round, but there are still questions. To make it more interesting, the teams are playing against each other on a neutral field, meaning that no one is guaranteed to win. All the action will be live on ESPN, hosted by Joe Tessitore.

The Cowboys’ play-calling has been irritatingly predictable, and the team rarely uses zone-read and option plays. Instead, they pound on the ball and create third-and long situations for Dak Prescott. The Cowboys’ receiving team is not strong. Dion Lewis is the Tennessee Titans’ backfield. He’s replaced Derrick Henry as the top running back, and he dominates his targets.

In addition to the offense and defense, Marcus Mariota was impressive, especially on third down. The Titans’ defense made sure to take away the ball from Dak Prescott, thereby rendering the Cowboys’ offense useless. This game was a showcase of the NFL’s growing skills and the chemistry between Marcus Mariota and Dak Prescott. Marcus Mariota was not able to win the Titans’ victory.

The Titans were successful on offense but Dallas was unable to convert on fourth-down chances. Deion Sanders was able to score a touchdown from Marcus Mariota in the first quarter. However, his team failed on fourth-down opportunities. The Titans, on the other hand, converted a third-and-7 into a first down. Dallas was down by two touchdowns and it was embarrassing for them to be humiliated nationally.

In the previous meeting, the teams split the series. Each team had a winning streak of five games. In the first meeting, the Giants won five straight games against the Titans before the game’s name change. That streak ended on Dec. 7, 2014. Andre Williams ran for 131 yards, while Eli Manning passed a touchdown to Odell Beckham Jr. Josh Brown kicked five field goal. The Giants didn’t fare as well in the second match.

Tennessee quarterback Marcus Mariota struggled in the first half, but he was impressive in the second game. His performance was remarkable considering his lack of experience. He threw two touchdowns in the first half but couldn’t get the ball in the end. The Titans won this game 28-14. The Cowboys are one game behind Titans in the AFC playoffs.

Cowboys Vs Titans 2016
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