Creole Poodle Rescue

Creole Poodle Rescue is an organization that focuses on saving poodles from shelters, killing shelters, and other types of pet neglect. The organization has a wide variety of dogs that are rescued and rehomed in Louisiana and neighboring states. Founded in 1956, Creole Poodle Rescue began as a club of poodle enthusiasts. Although the organization initially focused on breeding and showing Poodles, it shifted its focus to public education. Currently, Creole Poodle Rescue works primarily with volunteers to rescue and rehome poodles. However, they also accept Poodles that owners surrender.

In addition to their adoption process, Creole Poodle Rescue also organizes events in the surrounding areas. They host a day of festivities at the Natchitoches Events Center for their main event. Guests can enjoy Louisiana food and live music, and there will be a silent auction. During the day, you can also meet the poodles at the Farmers Market. The event is free to attend, and no registration fees are required.

In addition to helping homeless dogs find new homes, Creole Poodle Rescue also runs a Facebook page with photos of adopted dogs. Through this page, you can find out about adoptable dogs from member groups. If you cannot adopt a dog from a shelter in Louisiana, consider joining one of the many member groups on Facebook. This way, you’ll be able to keep up with all of the available pets.

If you’re in the area and looking for a poodle for adoption, check out the Enchanted Poodle Rescue, Inc. It’s a 501(c)(3) organization that specializes in rescuing Cocker Spaniels. The organization has potential to adopt Cock-a-poos as well. Their dogs are healthy and neutered, and are up to date on their vaccinations and heartworm preventative. Regardless of breed, they have been properly vetted and are ready to go to a new home.

Another creole poodle rescue is Doodle Rock Rescue. Based in Dallas, this group has a mission to save all types of doodle dogs. The only restriction is that you must live within 350 miles of Dallas, TX. To adopt a dog, you must be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. However, these shelters have some of the highest euthanasia rates in the nation.

Creole Poodle Rescue
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