Cristina Miller in Paramedic Helps Teen With His Erection

cristina miller in paramedic helps teen with his erection 24694

Ron Johnny Fox, a teenager, is getting ready for a jerk session. But there is a problem. He is having trouble getting his boner on. He tried to freeze it or soak it in cold water. When neither of these methods works, he calls a paramedic. Cristina Miller jumps in to help him. She puts on gloves and gently strokes his cock.

When a teen comes into the emergency room, Cristina fingers and blows the teen’s ass. He is then face-sitted by her and she gives him a handjob. She then rides him in a reverse cowgirl and gives him a face-facial creampie. The dude then fucks her doggy-style. She then cums his face and scores another goal!

Cristina then fingers and blows the teen’s ass while giving him a handjob. Facesitting him, she then does a reverse cowgirl and then fucks his doggy style. She then tits and cums his skin. She then tits the second shot and ends the night with a kiss! She had a great time making this movie!

The scene starts with Cristina giving the dude a handjob. She then blows him, fingers his ass, and facesits him. Then, she mounts him in a reverse cowgirl and cuddles him in the amazon position. She then fucks the dude in reverse cowgirl and then catches him in a doggy fuck. She then tits once more and scores another goal!

A teen comes to Cristina to see if she can help him with his erection. She helps him and he tries to get it too, but he refuses. Cristina takes the teen to the hospital. She tries to fuck him and gives him a handjob. She then places him in the reverse cowgirl role. She then facesits him while doing a reverse amazon. After doing a couple of reverse cowgirls, she gets to ride him in the piggie style.

She makes him laugh, while trying to give the man a handjob. She blows him in the face, then blows him in the ass. She hands on the teen while he’s in the cowgirl position. She then goes to the amazon position and cuddles him like a baby. She finishes the handjob by giving him a tiff.

During the handjob, Cristina fingers the dude’s ass and blows him ass. Then, she facesits the dude and fucks him dog-style. With the second shot, she tits her face. It’s hilarious! The teen’s ass is a fuck-happy teen.

Cristina gives the dude a job when she isn’t giving him a handjob. Then she blows him dry, tits him, and fucks him. Paramours are not professionals, so it is important to be a good companion. She makes the man feel good.

The movie is about a paramedic who helps a teen achieve an erectile erection. She hands the guy an ass while giving him a handjob. She blows him in his face and then facesits. She then gives him a reverse cowgirl, a face-job and then she takes on the amazon position. The dude then fucks Cristina with a reverse cowgirl. Then she cums him in the face, tits the second time.

Cristina Miller in Paramedic Helps Teen With His Erection
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