Critical Role Season 2 Episode 70 – Causatum

“Causatum” continues the second Critical Role campaign. Liam is away with his family, but the Mighty Nein return to Rosohna to plan their next move. We also learn how the cast of the show makes audio drama. Sam and Laura discuss the latest merchandise available from the Critical Role online store. This episode will definitely appeal to fans of the series. You will want to catch the next episode if you haven’t already.

The episode opens in Pyrah. Here, the party has gone to close a portal to the elemental planes of fire. While on their way, they encounter a strange dragonborn necromancer named Gern Blanston. Gern, who supposedly works as a candlemaker, steals a magical flying broom from the Vex. Gern then travels to Westruun. He later discovers that the Vex is planning on killing him, but he doesn’t want to go to the fight with the party.

After being beaten, the Herd is left without a leader. They still need to find a way against Vorugal, despite being led by a dragon. The party’s leader, Uriel, has a breakdown over his city’s leadership. He is unsure if he can lead the city or if he has been corrupted. Nevertheless, he is determined to make things right.

As the season progresses, the party must travel to Whitestone, the location of the Orb. The Orb is a key to defeating the villains. The party manages to reach Whitestone in time and finds it. But when they arrive, they are greeted by a massive monstrosity. While on their way, they encounter another giant creature in the wilderness. Eventually, they defeat this monster.

In this episode, the party decides to take the city back. In preparation, they flee to Whitestone. The party has a heated meeting with the Spireling Shenn. They also consider giving Clasp unprecedented power over the city. They fear the long-term consequences. The party discovers that Vax has Clasp marks on his shoulderblades and is forced to fight Kern again. The party then pursues the Hydra into the woods.

Vox Machina is the next group of adventurers. They have been sent to the dwarven city of Kraghammer to find a missing paladin. They must also track down Lady Kima of Vord who is also on the lookout for dark evil. They encounter a massive naga creature, which they fight off with its arm. They finally arrive at Ulara’s camp, where Grog is tied to a cart.

While the party is still unsure of how to solve the problems they face, they are determined to finish their mission. They meet allies in Emon. They make a new friend in Garthok, who shows them a secret entrance to the Clasp. They discover that the worms they encounter are just teenagers. The party escapes before the mother arrives and saves their lives. They also managed to escape before the looters raided their shop.

Critical Role Season 2 Episode 70 – Causatum
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