Curley Henry

Curley Henry

Curley Henry serves as Executive Director of Cybersecurity Strategy and Architecture for Southern Company. Previously he held security director roles at E* Trade Financial and Hewlett-Packard before serving as Global Delivery Leader of IBM Managed Security Services business unit.

His mother’s generosity, coupled with semi-criminal political corruption in Boston ward politics, helped form his attitudes and civic involvement for life.

Early Life and Education

Curley was raised by a mother who worked as a scrubwoman in churches and office buildings to support herself and her son. This background, combined with semi-criminal political corruption in Boston at that time, would shape Curley’s views towards poverty and political organizing throughout his lifetime.

He soon established himself as an active participant in Tammany club activities and the Ancient Order of Hibernians – a fraternal benefit society for Irish immigrants – gaining an excellent speaking ability and using that to further his career prospects.

He served on Boston City Council for multiple terms before being appointed to its higher body, the Board of Aldermen. Additionally, he represented his district in Massachusetts House of Representatives.

Professional Career

Curley Henry serves as Vice President and Deputy Chief Information Security Officer for Southern Company, leading strategic cybersecurity initiatives designed to safeguard corporate assets. Kevin Abel oversees security architecture and consulting, cyber risk and assurance, identity governance and critical infrastructure hardening services for companies worldwide. With 25+ years of diverse leadership and management experience in the technology industry – including high-profile consulting and security roles – Kevin brings immense depth of knowledge. He previously served as Director of Security for E* Trade Financial and Hewlett-Packard before becoming Senior Manager with IBM’s Managed Security Services Business Unit leading teams globally. Additionally, he serves on Georgia Tech’s Industrial Advisory Board for Cybersecurity and Privacy studies. He has shared his expertise on cybersecurity challenges at national and international speaking engagements, advocating for Black cybersecurity professionals’ advancement as well as creating programs aimed at increasing disadvantaged small business growth in the industry.

Achievement and Honors

Curley Henry serves as vice president and deputy Chief Information Security Officer for cybersecurity strategy and architecture at Southern Company, holding numerous technical and security certifications as well as serving on Georgia Tech’s Industrial Advisory Board for their School of Cybersecurity and Privacy.

Recently, he participated in a White House roundtable discussion about cybersecurity’s impact on Black communities and ways to create more pathways leading to fulfilling cyber and tech jobs for underrepresented groups.

Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship is well supported by David. He serves on its board and advisory councils and judges its summer venture awards; additionally he donated to this program, and named Pin-Up Studios after her late grandfather in Tangen Hall; where Wharton’s student entrepreneurs will eventually assemble for gatherings and collaboration.

Personal Life

Curley experienced much heartache in his personal life. His first wife died suddenly at an early age, followed by the deaths of both his parents and two brothers shortly thereafter. Additionally, Curley fell victim to fraud and was sent to prison for six to eight months as punishment.

Curley then left the Council in hopes of becoming a Congressman, spending enormous sums in his campaign against rival candidates who weren’t so well-paid (such as Councillors). To appeal to working class anger against Yankee upper-class elitism he used Harvard professor Thomas Eliot’s name in a famous speech which has since entered Boston political history.

Recently, Curley Henry participated in a White House roundtable discussion aimed at providing Black communities with pathways into high-paying cyber and tech jobs. Click here to gain more insight into this event.

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Curley Henry
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