Cute Mixed Boy Names

If you want to name your baby boy after an ethnic mix, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find adorable names for a mixed boy that are full of cultural and historical roots. Arabic for “mixed” is “unique”. These names often have Spanish and Italian origins. Names like Durant, Andre and Jack are very popular in the Italian-American community.

If you’re considering a name with biracial roots, a classic choice is Samuel. With its graceful grace and beautiful meaning, this name is considered one of the best choices for a mixed boy. Peter is a Hebrew name that means “told to God” and has Hebrew roots. This name consistently ranks high on lists of popular baby boy names. Soren, a Danish moniker, means “stern.” This name is increasingly popular among multi-ethnic communities in the U.S.

Dylan, a three letter Scottish version of John’s name, is another option. The meaning of the name is “god is gracious.” This name has been borne by many famous people. Ivan is a strong Russian name. It is universally appealing across cultures and ethnicities. It also means “eloquent speaker”.

Niklas is another cute mixed boy name. It’s a diminutive of the Greek name Petros. It also has a Spanish origin and means “stone.” Viktor is a popular name in Central and Eastern European countries, and means “tell by God”.

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Cute Mixed Boy Names
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