Dallas Cowboys New Uniforms and Throwback Helmets

One of the NFL’s most recognizable logos and team colors are the Dallas Cowboys new uniforms. These uniforms have a retro feel that has been a part the sport for decades. The Dallas Cowboys will wear throwback uniforms for the Thanksgiving game, in addition to the brand new uniforms.

This year’s uniforms will come in many different colors and designs. The team will be wearing a mix of traditional navy and white uniforms, as well as the Color Rush jerseys. These new Dallas Cowboys uniforms will debut against the New York Giants on November 24.

The Dallas Cowboys’ classic uniforms are reminiscent of the white helmet. These uniforms were popular among fans and were worn from 1960 to 1964. In addition to the new uniforms, the players wore some memorable games in these old uniforms. In 2006, Tony Romo, the quarterback, threw five touchdowns during an all-white game. Miles Austin, wide receiver, had a franchise record 250 receiving yards in 2009’s game.

Another subtle change is the Dallas Cowboys’ new helmets. In Week 17 against the Tennessee Titans, the team will wear an all-white uniform. The team will also wear new helmets with the logo and white striping. Fans can order the new helmets right now!

The Dallas Cowboys new uniforms are an interesting take on their traditional blue and white colors. The contrast between the white pants, white helmets and blue shoulders is created by the star on the helmet and the star on their shoulders. Although the team is not known for its blue uniforms, the new design has an old-fashioned feel.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Dallas Cowboys unveiled their new throwback uniforms. The team has not worn these throwback uniforms since the 1962 season. The helmets of the old style were white with blue stars. These uniforms were worn by the Dallas Cowboys until 1964, when they were replaced with silver helmets.

The new uniforms aren’t the only change the Cowboys will make this season. They are also the first NFL team to begin training camp in Oxnard, Calif., and are scheduled to practice in pads on two separate days. There are still some questions.

Dallas Cowboys New Uniforms and Throwback Helmets
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