Damian Lillard Net Worth

Damian Lillard’s net worth is $30 Million. The Portland Trail Blazers drafted Lillard as the sixth overall pick in 2012’s NBA draft. Lillard is a well-known name in rap and basketball, which has allowed him to make a substantial amount of money. His net worth is not just based on his basketball career but also on his endorsement deals.

Aside from being a professional basketball player, Lillard is also an entrepreneur and a rapper. He is known as Dame D.O.L.L.A. and has released many singles and albums. He has collaborated with a number of celebrities, including Lil Wayne, and has launched his own music label, Front Page Music. Damian Lillard’s net worth is increasing every year as he does more than just play basketball.

Damian Lillard has grown his net worth through several high-profile endorsement deals. In 2012, he signed a ten-year $100 million contract with Adidas. This deal made him one the most marketable players of the league. Lillard’s Adidas signature line has been a huge hit for the company. He also has deals with Powerade, Spalding, Foot Locker, and Biofreeze. Damian Lillard’s networth is expected to rise by $100 million more by 2021.

Damian Lillard’s net worth has grown since he signed with the Portland Trail Blazers. Lillard is an NBA ambassador and is associated with JBL, Foot Locker, and Spalding. His first three seasons were full of high achievements. He became the fastest player to reach 600 points in just 3 points, with 247 attempts. In his most recent season, Lillard was named to the All-NBA First team after scoring 32 points in a loss against the Raptors.

Damian Lillard net worth has increased steadily in the past few years. He currently earns around $40 million a year. He was the highest-paid league player between 2012 and 2018, earning $65 millions in two years. During his rookie season, he made $3,065,040. The next two years he earned $3,202,920, while the third and fourth seasons he earned $29,626,953 each.

Damian Lillard Net Worth
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