Daphne Olive

Daphne Olive

Olive is an exceptional human computer with an extraordinary memory and sticky notes all over. She is an established entrepreneur who enjoys creating new companies; the creative challenge of getting something started excites her greatly.

She is best friends with Chyna and has a secret crush on Dixon. She strongly dislikes improper grammar usage. Additionally, she enjoys kettle corn.

Early Life and Education

Mount Olive High School student Olive stands out as being among the smartest. Her memory is exceptional, and she remembers nearly everything she sees. Additionally, Olive enjoys reading history books and practicing arithmetic and calculus a great deal.

She harbors a crush on Fletcher, but he doesn’t reciprocate it. She’s an avid follower of Black Sails, so much so that she created a podcast dedicated to dissecting its storyline and growing its international fan base – as well as building relationships with its creators.

She is also an excellent cook and baker, with numerous interests outside of baking; however, family time remains her top priority. Additionally, she supports equal rights for women while opposing racism as part of her feminist outlook.

Professional Career

Daphne Olive is both a jewelry designer and television writer. She has built an engaged international fanbase through her podcast Fathoms Deep, which explores Black Sails from its very start to finish. Through story analysis she has fostered relationships between herself, its cast, creators and cast.

She designs and crafts lightweight laser cut stainless steel jewellery. Her creations take inspiration from nature as well as from a multigenerational family history of crafting.

Daphne mezereum, also known as spurge laurel or February daphne, is a flowering plant belonging to the Thymelaeaceae family and native to Europe and western Asia where it thrives at medium to high elevations. Additionally, Daphne is widely cultivated around the world for ornamental use in landscape designs as a landscape plant or ornamental feature.

Achievement and Honors

Daphne Olive’s business success has earned her many honors. She won two Women in Real Estate awards and currently serves as Vice President of Marketing for Olive Tree Holdings; thanks to her leadership skills she has seen her department expand from one person to five team members!

She received academic awards in science, English, math and history. Additionally, she is a member of Beta Club and National Honor Society as well as JROTC Drill Team and Color Guard. Furthermore, she plays an active role at her church and sings soprano in the Bogalusa High School chorus.

She is the daughter of Linda Owens and Gregory White. As a senior at Bogalusa High School, she plans on attending Howard University next fall as well as serving as student ambassador and joining Upsilon Lambda Mu.

Personal Life

Daphne Olive was born in Clarke’s Beach, Newfoundland as the daughter of Maxwell and Jessie Batten. As soon as she graduated high school she joined The Salvation Army, becoming an officer-nurse upon ordination as an officer-nurse. Additionally she studied history in college.

She developed an avid following through her podcasts centered around Black Sails. She established an engaging international community focused around discussion of the show while cultivating relationships with cast and creators of Black Sails.

Daphne was Artemis (Diana)’s sister from Greco-Roman mythology. To avoid infatuation by Apollo, Daphne refused all suitors and concealed her beauty like that of a laurel tree to avoid suitors. If she did not marry and produce grandchildren for Peneus as soon as possible, Peneus threatened that Daphne would turn into one himself and become immortalised as one!

Net Worth

Daphne Olive, an accomplished TV show host, author, and entrepreneur has amassed an immense fortune through her various ventures; currently boasting an estimated net worth of $15 Million.

She has hosted ABC daytime talk show The Chew for seven seasons and also appeared on other programs like Fox & Friends, Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show and The Rachel Ray Show.

As an avid meditator and supporter of both Insight Meditation Society and Spirit Rock Meditation Center, she designs and sells lightweight laser cut stainless steel jewelry. Additionally, she is married to John Jovanovic – an investment fund analyst in California – with whom she shares two children; John has also appeared in multiple movies and TV series.

Daphne Olive
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