Darren Sugg fortune

Darren Sugg is an American Creative Director at Epic Games, best known for designing the popular video game Fortnite. How rich is Darren Sugg?

Game designer. Born on August 1, 1977 in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. Darren Sugg fortune is estimated at around 3 million euros. Previously, he was a member of the design team for The Lord Of The Rings Online: Shadows Of Angmar and The Lord Of The Rings Online: Mines Of Moria, the sequel to Shadows Of Angmar. He graduated from Marist College with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Multimedia. He was a game system designer for Turbine company and a senior game designer for The Amazing Society.

Bourgeois name: Darren Sugg
Darren Sugg size: 1.80 m
Nationality: American
His career began: 2000

What is Darren Sugg’s net worth?
Darren Sugg’s net worth is currently € 3 million.

Video game: Fortnite
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Darren Sugg fortune

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