Dava Huber

Dava Huber – A True Professional

Dave Huber was raised in Taylorsville Utah, where his family would watch classic movies on a projector in their basement. This inspired him to develop an interest in storytelling that has lasted throughout life.

Dave has performed in theatre, film and television as well as directed and written his own films. Additionally, Dave has experience working as an acting coach.

Achievements and Honors

Dava Huber is renowned for her marketing skillset. She has achieved great success in building brand awareness, winning awards and receiving recognition for her efforts in this arena. A proud member of Old Navy for over 12 years, Dava remains abreast of industry developments while supporting her community by belonging to Dallas Genealogical Society and serving on multiple boards including Mesquite Historical & Genealogical Society. She also enjoys volunteering her time and expertise to support causes close to her heart – including breast cancer awareness initiatives with Save The Children USA

Personal Life

Dava Huber has an accomplished career in media and entertainment. She has served as an actress, director, producer as well as teaching the arts to students. A member of the Society of Professional Theatre, dava also volunteers for numerous charities throughout her life.

Margie Huber and her husband believe volunteering is a calling for them. They have always felt called to serve others, and their volunteering has given them purpose. Margie and Gary live in Jacksonville, Florida with their two small children and treasure spending time with each other. In their free moments they worship God, watch the New York Jets play, and indulge in chocolate chip cookies – oh yes! They also volunteer at Reason magazine where Margie believes people can change lives through volunteering.

Net Worth

Dava Huber boasts a net worth of $280 thousand dollars. She owns over 5,000 units of First Capital stock and makes $43,210 annually as an Independent Director at the company, for which she recently bought 5,000 shares on August 25th 2022 for $136,250. In addition to First Capital stock, Huber holds shares in Kindred Healthcare, Humana and Citicorp as well. Most of her earnings come from acting and managing Susan Lucci’s career; currently her wife has an estimated net worth of $8 million dollars.

Dava Huber

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