Davan Cochran

A Look at Davan Cochran

A Memphis man is accused of burglarizing several rural churches throughout the Mid-South, but now he’s in jail. Authorities claim they caught him because he was wearing an ankle monitor.

Deputies linked him to four church break-ins in St. Francis County – Zion Temple, Cedar Grove Church, New Hebron Church and Lighthouse Ministries – as well as a burglary at Butler Chapel in Cross County.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Van Cochran is a man to be reckoned with on the collegiate circuit. A two-sport enthusiast, the former Florida Gator is no slouch when it comes to fighting in the trenches. An offensive line specialist since 2022, his leadership skillset will serve him well going into 2023 when the Bengals look to continue their winning ways in the new year. With so much versatility at his disposal, Cochran can easily fill in for any starting guard position that might open up in 2024.

Achievement and Honors

Davan Cochran earned many honors and distinctions during his high school career. He excelled academically at Greater Atlanta Christian Academy and was a three-star prospect when he graduated from prep school.

He helped lead his high school team to an impressive 26-3 record and two appearances in the Georgia 2-A state championship game as a junior (2014) and state semifinals as a senior (2015). As a first-team all-state performer at offensive tackle during his final college season at Georgia Tech, he was also recognized with an All-ACC Honorable Mention award at that position.

Last summer, police say Cochran was arrested after breaking into several churches in the Mid-South and taking musical instruments and sound equipment. He was caught using a GPS monitor ankle bracelet that linked him to the crime.

Personal Life

Former prosecutor davan cochran achieved international notoriety as the trial lawyer who successfully represented O.J. Simpson in the high-profile murder case of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

He was renowned for his deft legal strategies that often made him more successful than the prosecution in courtrooms across America. Additionally, he championed minorities by founding a scholarship for African American men at UCLA Law school.

On Monday morning, deputies arrested Cochran after a farmer saw him sitting outside Zion Temple Church of God in Christ on County Road 239. He was wearing a GPS monitor ankle bracelet which enabled investigators to time him to several break-ins at four St. Francis County churches – Zion Temple, Cedar Grove, New Hebron and Lighthouse Ministries.

Net Worth

Davan Cochran has an estimated net worth of $6 Million. He serves as Senior VP and COO for MarineMax Inc and owns approximately 208,255 shares of this company stock, in addition to his role as Independent Director at CF Bankshares Inc. Since 2015, Davan has made 63 trades on MarineMax’s stock according to Form 4 filing with the SEC; most recently selling 5,000 units of A10 Networks Inc on 27 June 2022 for $75,000 (you can view a complete history of his stock trades at the bottom of this page).

He is a member of the American Association of Professional Accountants and serves on various boards.

Davan Cochran

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