Dave Bayley – The Future of Friendship

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Dave Bayley is the lead vocalist of the band Glass Animals. Born in 1989, Bayley is 33 years old. He has collaborated with many notable musicians including Joe Seaward, Drew MacFarlane, and Edmund Irwin Singer. During his early days, Bayley was a DJ and also began writing songs. He would stay up until 4am, running on energy drinks and making beats. He quit school eventually and became a dedicated musician. Drew MacFarlane was his guitarist and he produced the songs. He also played Spanish guitar.

Bayley has also written songs for the soundtrack of films, including Ron’s Gone Wrong. The film featured his song “New Friends”. His songs are both catchy and sweet. If you’d like to listen to his music offline, you can download it from Wynk. You can also download the podcast from the app.

Dave Bayley – The Future of Friendship
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