Dave Mogensen

Dave Mogensen

Dave Mogensen has achieved great success in the sports industry over many years. Currently, he serves as head coach of the Iowa Barnstormers of the Indoor Football League (IFL).

Mogensen, a highly experienced coach, brings his extensive coaching expertise to Des Moines – including years of college coaching experience. As an established leader and dedicated member of the community, his commitment has been well received by those within and outside Des Moines.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Dave Mogensen has extensive professional experience, having held positions such as marketing executive at Uber, Director of Marketing for Northern Europe at Google and National Marketing Manager at BMW of North America LLC.

He has extensive coaching experience, having coached high school and college football teams as well as directed youth football programs operated by the Green Bay Packers.

Prior to this season, Mogensen served as Director of Player Personnel and Assistant General Manager for the Albany Empire of the National Arena League (NAL), helping them earn their place as champions. During his tenure with the Empire, he also helped guide them to victory in the NAL championship game.

Coach Mogensen joined the Barnstormers prior to the 2022 season and has guided them to their fifth consecutive playoff berth, signing an extension through 2024. He is passionate about building a winning team both on and off the field.

Achievement and Honors

Dave Mogensen has achieved a great deal, earning himself several prestigious accolades and accomplishments. Most notably, his appointment as head coach of the Iowa Barnstormers of the Professional Indoor Football League saw him rewarded with an extension through 2024.

Dave is a former college player who has been coaching at the high school, college, and professional levels since 2002. He was previously assistant coach of the Milwaukee Bonecrushers in the Professional Indoor Football League (PIFL). A fan favorite ever since his four year stint playing quarterback for Wisconsin Lutheran University, Dave has gained valuable insight into corporate America; most recently serving as product marketing manager at Google.

Personal Life

Mogensen was born on February 18th 1964 in Des Moines, Iowa to Clarence “Mogie” and Margaret (nee: Holt) Mogensen. Survived by his wife Kim Mogensen, daughters Chloe and Morgan Robertshaw and grandson Marz Robertshaw, he leaves behind a legacy of love and admiration for all.

He was an incredible father and husband who loved spending time with his family. Additionally, he took pleasure in astronomy and fishing on Shawano Lake.

He was an accomplished photographer and had a deep-seated love for animals, particularly stray cats and squirrels which he enjoyed saving and feeding. Sadly, his friends and loved ones will miss him dearly; hard worker with strong ambition, he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Net Worth

Mogensen has an estimated net worth of $5 million as a Danish engineer and astronaut.

He has been a football coach since 2008, beginning his professional career as an assistant coach of the Milwaukee Bonecrushers of the Continental Indoor Football League (CIFL). Additionally, in 2021 he served as offensive coordinator for the Wisconsin Wolfpack.

Mogensen has excelled throughout his coaching career as both a leader and team player. His impressive resume includes success in recruiting and player personnel management.

Keith testified that he purchased the Fitzsimmons land himself and sold part of it to Morgan Mogensen, one of his sons, without informing Steven. Generally, the land was used for farming wheat and soybeans.

Dave Mogensen

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