Dave Pickering

Dave Pickering

Dave Pickering is a storyteller who tells tales through audio, words, music and performance. He’s the host and creator of Getting Better Acquainted podcast, the Hackney branch of true storytelling night Spark London and co-producer of magical realist family drama podcast The Family Tree.

Early Life and Education

David Pickering has extensive experience as both an organist and choral musician. Additionally, he holds a doctorate in musicology from Columbia University and conducts research on twentieth-century American composers and pedagogues.

He has published numerous scholarly works, such as The Auditorium Organ and Wayne Leupold Editions (Arthur Poister–Master Teacher and Poet of the Organ; Harold and Catherine; Leroy Robertson Organ Works). Additionally, his essays have appeared in Journal of American Music among other periodicals.

He is now fully immersed in education and outreach activities. He regularly teaches and presents at schools throughout the UK, as well as overseas – particularly China.

Professional Career

Dave Pickering has had a distinguished professional career as an organist and musicologist, performing recitals across America and abroad. Additionally, he has published numerous scholarly works.

He holds degrees from both the University of Kansas and Brigham Young University in organ performance, musicology, and technical studies. Currently a professor of organ at Kansas State University in Manhattan.

He serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Olivet Nazarene University, where his responsibilities include helping the University President and Administrative Team create, communicate, execute and sustain strategic initiatives. Furthermore, he provides senior leadership to Olivet’s administrative units such as human resources, accounting & finance, student accounts / administrative services / physical plant / financial aid.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Pickering has achieved many remarkable accomplishments throughout his life and been honored by several prestigious institutions and organizations, such as the American Bar Association (ABA) and Senior Lawyers Division of ABA.

He has earned widespread acclaim for his exceptional legal work, pro bono service and advocacy of equal justice for all. Additionally, he is renowned for his philanthropic activities.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Pickering has maintained a deep sense of citizenship and loyalty towards both the United States and England. He was naturalized as a U.S. citizen in 1982 and has kept his dual citizenship throughout life.

Personal Life

Dave Pickering is an award-winning storyteller and podcaster, the host of the Getting Better Acquainted podcast, as well as co-producer of magical realist family drama podcast The Family Tree. Additionally, he hosts Hackney branch of true storytelling night Spark London and co-founded/performs on variety show Stand Up Tragedy.

He has produced for Radio 4, Cbeebies Radio, Resonance FM and BBC Radio 5 Live. Additionally, he won the British Podcast Award and his podcasts were recommended by The Guardian, Time Out and The Financial Times.

He is a well-known Rhode Island surf fisherman and one of the state’s most successful striper fishermen, having caught over 70,000 bass. Additionally, he fishes freshwater for largemouth bass, carp and trout.

Net Worth

Dave Pickering is a storyteller and podcaster. He created and hosts Getting Better Acquainted, an intimate discussion show based on true stories from his life that won the British Podcast Award in 2017. Additionally, The Guardian, Time Out and Financial Times have all recommended the show as one of their must-listens.

He also runs Stand Up Tragedy, a variety-style night which has been praised by The Guardian and Independent for its four years of high quality tragic variety in London and Edinburgh.

In addition to writing and performing, he has a lifelong passion for fishing – both freshwater and saltwater. To this end, he presents digital slide shows and lectures throughout southern New England on this topic. When not teaching ski lessons at Yawgoo Valley Ski Area in Exeter, RI during winter months, his expertise is put to good use as an instructor there.

Dave Pickering

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