Dave Sparks

Meet Dave Sparks, a Business Coach, Author and Sales Expert

Dave is a self-professed wine, design, and book nerd who lives in San Francisco. In addition to these interests, he works as a researcher, designer, jiu-jitsu fighter for various software companies and enjoys painting, sculpting and collecting art in his free time – his towering height can sometimes seem intimidating but really just has an open heart who appreciates a good joke and cold beer!

Early Life and Education

Dave Sparks has long been a beloved member of the Laguna Hills community. Together with his wife, they have two children and one grandchild – and together have amassed an impressive list of local honors. On top of being an attentive family man, he’s an avid car buff since his dad worked as a General Motors (GM) salesperson years ago; even now he still likes tinkering with old school hot rods now and again and occasionally visiting his favorite coffee shop for some down-time! Of his many awards and accolades, City Traffic Commissioner stands head and shoulders above them all as the highest honor that’s possible for anyone.

Professional Career

Delco Dave has assisted numerous emerging and established leaders to craft high-impact growth strategies that drive revenue while deepening relationships. Driven by vital knowledge and a desire to help others accomplish more, Coach Dave provides executive leaders with clarity and executable tactics that revolutionize the experience of leadership.

Dave hails from Cleveland, Ohio and earned his BFA Theater degree at Kent State University (where four protesting students were tragically killed by National Guard forces for protesting Vietnam War). Since then he has developed great respect for how arts can shine a spotlight on social, economic and racial injustices.

After 10 years of relentless work, David realized something was amiss in his life. He wanted to strike a balance between professional success and personal fulfillment.

Achievement and Honors

Dave Sparks has achieved much in life. Thanks to hard work and determination, he has become a successful businessman and actor.

Dave began his career after graduating university, working as a motor technician who found great pleasure in fabrications and welding projects.

He was also proud to have been honored as a member of National Honor Society.

On Thursday, October 6, students, faculty, and family members gathered in the main lobby to honor academic achievements from Spring 2022 semester. Honorees include first or second honors recipients as well as dean’s list awards and president’s list awards.

Diesel Dave Kiley and Sarah are parents to Saylor Fe, born January 12th 2017 and Pyper Corinne born September 9th 2018 respectively. Both daughters are healthy and well. The entire family enjoys life together!

Personal Life

Diesel Dave is an American entrepreneur and custom vehicle builder who has amassed his fortune through reality television appearances and various business ventures.

An avid enthusiast, he has turned his love for diesel vehicles into an entrepreneurial success. As co-owner of Dieselsellerz – an online platform offering diesel vehicle sales to loyal fans – he sells vehicles directly.

His passion for diesel has propelled his career as a television personality. He boasts an enormous following on social media, drawing many views for each video he uploads.

He and Susan Kiley share two children together and are active Instagram accounts that feature adorable photos of them with their children.

Net Worth

Dave Kiley, more commonly known by his stage name Diesel Dave, boasts an estimated net worth of $2 Million earned through both television shows and business investments.

He and three of his brothers star in the reality show Diesel Brothers, where they build diesel vehicles together as a source of income through Diesel Brothers Inc.

Dave Kiley and Susan Kelly, who together have two daughters, married on July 4, 2016.

Dave Sparks

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