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Dave Stephenson – CFO at Airbnb

Dave Stephenson is the Chief Financial Officer at Airbnb. With 17 years of experience at Amazon and one year with Big Fish Games under his belt, he brings with him a wealth of expertise to the company.

Airbnb is a home-sharing company that allows guests to stay in the homes of more than four million hosts around the world. Additionally, it provides unique travel experiences not available elsewhere.

Early Life and Education

Dave Stephenson was born on October 22, 1925 and was a former rugby player who made 61 appearances for Wigan Warriors.

He was also a football coach and has been affiliated with Fylde RU. A former England international, he achieved county recognition while representing Lancashire.

David Stephenson was raised in Killingworth, near Newcastle upon Tyne. His passion for machines led him to pursue a career as a mechanic from an early age.

His father operated a Newcomen atmospheric steam engine, which was employed to pump coal out of mines nearby. Later, he studied engineering at night school.

He also learned how to construct his own steam engines, creating a “steam boiler on wheels” that could haul wagons from the coal mines to the nearby Tyne river. It proved an enormous success and earned him the title of engineer.

Professional Career

Over the course of his career, Dave Stephenson has held various roles such as engineer and finance executive. Additionally, he has dabbled in sales and marketing.

Dave has a genuine enthusiasm for working with people and helping his associates reach their objectives. He always goes the extra mile to ensure DI employees succeed.

He has repeatedly promised his associates that they can accomplish anything if they work hard enough. Once, he even went running in seven-degree weather to prove it: anything is achievable!

He recently joined Airbnb as their CFO, moving the home-sharing startup closer to an IPO next year. He will report directly to CEO Steve Chesky.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Stephenson has achieved much in his life. He has received numerous awards and honors throughout the course of his career.

Stephenson is a professional photojournalist and tenure track assistant professor in the School of Journalism and Media at UK. With an expertise in multimedia journalism, he teaches courses on Drone Journalism, Virtual Reality Journalism and Mobile Journalism.

He has earned numerous awards from both Kentucky News Photographer’s Association and National Press Photographers’ Association, in addition to being a multimedia adviser for The Kentucky Kernel and freelance photographer.

He is a four-time recipient of the Kentucky News Photographer’s Association Photographer of the Year Award and three-time Sports Photographer of the Year. Additionally, he was named National Press Photographers Association Region 4 Photographer of the Year twice.

Personal Life

Dave Stephenson and his wife Lisa have dedicated their lives to aiding boys who grow up without a father figure. As leaders at ONE Community Church in Lewisville, they offer guidance to children from ages 10-15.

Over the past several years, they have mentored a dozen young men, with Johnson being one of the most troubled.

In 2014, after Johnson graduated from Skyline High School in Farmersville, Texas, his parents welcomed him into their home for a month. Since then they’ve visited him at both Dallas County jail and a state mental hospital in East Texas every few months, writing letters between visits.

Net Worth

Dave Stephenson is the Chief Financial Officer of Airbnb. His responsibilities include all aspects of global finance including accounting, taxation, treasury, investor relations, real estate development and business development; in addition to overseeing compliance, operations and security. Prior to joining Airbnb he served as Vice President and CFO for Amazon’s Worldwide Consumer Organization for 17 years. Dave holds an MBA from the University of Iowa as well as a BS in Industrial & Management Engineering from Montana State University.

On February 23, 2022, David Stephenson’s net worth is estimated to be $51.1 million USD. Since 2020 he has made seven trades in Airbnb shares; most recently selling 16,806 ABNB stock units for $2,788,620 on that day. As of February 23, 2022 he still holds 240,141 shares of Airbnb stock.

Dave Stephenson

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