David Adelstein

David Adelstein

David Adelstein is a lawyer who represents contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, developers, associations, suppliers and owners in numerous construction matters.

He has represented clients in construction and design defect claims, schedule-based claims (including inefficiency, lost productivity and acceleration claims), bid protests, payment disputes, lien and bond claims, insurance coverage disputes and more. Furthermore, he drafts and negotiates construction contracts for various delivery methods.

Early Life and Education

Adelstein’s early life was marked by his dedication to education and an understanding of the significance of family and religion. After graduating from Bowdoin College with a degree in English, he pursued a career in acting.

Research into the effectiveness of early childhood programs is mixed, but there are compelling arguments for why quality early education experiences should be at the forefront of public policy planning. Studies have linked responsive caregiving and interaction with caregivers to stronger cognitive and language development (Tamis-LeMonda, Bornstein, and Baumwell 2001; Sapolsky 2004; Knudsen, Heckman, Cameron, and Shonkoff 2006).

This has led to an increased focus on providing enhanced learning environments for young children. While some programs, like Abecedarian, show large effects, others such as Early Head Start produce minimal effects (Love et al.).

Professional Career

Dr. He is a board-certified hematology and oncology doctor affiliated with Cleveland Clinic who has been in practice for more than two decades.

David Adelstein is a Florida Bar board certified construction attorney who has represented general contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, developers, associations, suppliers and sureties in numerous construction matters. These range from defects claims to schedule-based claims (such as inefficiency or lost productivity issues), bid protests payment disputes lien/bond issues liability/property insurance concerns – just to name a few that impact this industry today.

He has also worked in the music industry as a keyboard musician and vocalist, performing for various artists, bands and groups. Additionally, he composed and produced music for commercials and industrial films, appeared on television shows and recorded studio albums.

Achievement and Honors

David Adelstein has made a lasting impact in South Dakota, whether through business, government or community service. His skillset, resources and compassion have allowed him to make an impact that continues to enrich lives everywhere.

He has long been an advocate for the arts and religion in his state, founding both the Black Hills Playhouse and Staav Kirke Museum. Additionally, he spearheaded a public fundraising campaign to construct Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

His career as a civilian aide to the Secretary of the Army has been one of his most rewarding experiences. Additionally, he served on the Governing Board of the American Jewish Committee and is currently a delegate at the World Assembly of the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Personal Life

David Adelstein is a renowned music industry veteran. He has written hundreds of songs, recorded nineteen albums, composed music for commercials and industrial films, performed live onstage and made guest appearances on shows like Midnight Special, Solid Gold and The Merv Griffin Show.

In the 1980s, he was the keyboardist and saxophonist for Rick Springfield on his Living in Oz tour. After that, he recorded with various bands, toured around America, and composed music for numerous commercials and industrial films.

Adelstein began investigating the activities of the yakuza while employed as a journalist. He used his contacts within the gang and with police authorities, but ultimately came under threat and physical assault from members of the yakuza.

Net Worth

David Adelstein is an American actor, musician, and writer with a net worth of approximately $3 million. He’s best known for his roles as Paul Kellerman on Prison Break and Cooper Freedman on Private Practice.

He began his professional acting career in 1990 and has starred in various movies and shows such as The Grifters. Additionally, he co-created a TV show called Imposters that ran for two 10-episode seasons on Bravo.

In 2013, he made an appearance on Survivor: Cagayan reality television show. It was the 28th season of the series, and he was among three “tribes” that competed each week in various physical and mental challenges.

He was one of the main players to be eliminated from the show in the second week, after being voted off his tribe, Luzon (Brains).

David Adelstein

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