David Ambler

David Ambler

David Ambler is a British rower who has earned bronze, silver and gold medals at the U23 level. He was part of Great Britain’s U23 eight and coxless four teams throughout their success.

He has competed in multiple world championships and at the Olympic Games. Currently, he’s training for the 2022 Boat Race.

Early Life and Education

David Ambler has dedicated his life to learning about nature. He also enjoyed mountaineering, taking trips across America, Canada and Europe for climbing challenges.

He was an accomplished mountaineer with superior coordination and strength, capable of ascending many difficult routes and even creating several new climbs.

His tragic death at 45 years old occurred during an electrical storm while climbing a tower on August 4, 1963.

After his retirement, the University of Kansas established the David Ambler Leadership Development Fund and in 2007 named their Student Recreation-Fitness Center after him. In 2016, KU recognized him as a distinguished pillar of their profession.

Professional Career

Investment managers are accountable for crafting a portfolio that meets an investor’s financial objectives. Their duties include selecting an appropriately diversified mix of stocks, bonds and mutual funds to protect clients against market volatility.

David Ambler is a corporate securities lawyer who provides advice to high-growth emerging and public software, internet and technology companies on capital market transactions. Additionally, he assists his clients with structuring, formation and operation of private investment funds.

Former NHL star Mike Ambler has served in multiple leadership positions at the University of Kansas. In 2002, they presented him with a Distinguished Alumni Award and established the Ambler Leadership Development Fund to recognize his contributions.

Achievements and Honors

David Ambler was a highly regarded professional in student affairs. He was appointed Vice President of Student Affairs at Kent State University three months after an anti-war protest that left four students dead and nine others seriously injured.

As Vice President, he played a pivotal role in reopening the university and reinforcing student, alumni and public confidence. For his leadership and service to the university, he received numerous awards.

In addition to his career in education, he also practiced law. He represented clients with business, securities and corporate finance matters throughout California.

Personal Life

David Ambler is an attorney based in Palo Alto, California who represents clients. He has been recognized by Rising Stars – an honor bestowed upon only a select group of attorneys from each state.

He specializes in representing high-growth emerging and public software, internet and other technology companies in capital markets and corporate transactions. Additionally, he collaborates with top venture funds.

Ambler enjoys woodworking in his free time and shares space at his Charlestown furniture shop with fellow NBSS alumnus.

Ambler is married to May Kate Harris Ambler, a graduate of the School of Education. His two adult daughters and three grandchildren reside in Florida.

Net Worth

David Ambler is a New Zealand sprinter born on 15 September 1989. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, making him one of the wealthiest people in New Zealand.

Brett Ambler is an actor and musician with a net worth of $500,000. He was born in Redding, Connecticut and has three siblings. Over the years, he has appeared in various roles and remains popular. Additionally, he does voice acting work as well as theatrical productions.

Ambler is best known for his role as The Kazoo Kid in a 1989 commercial, which resurfaced as a meme in 2016. This has caused his popularity to soar and led him to accumulate an impressive net worth. He owns numerous assets and stocks including 129,244 units of United States Steel stock.

David Ambler

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