David Boesel

David Boesel

David Boesel was a former varsity basketball star at Powder Valley High School in Oregon and went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology from Oregon State University as well as his master’s in sports management from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

After several assistant coaching positions in high school and small college levels, he joined Division III rival University of La Verne as its men’s basketball coach from 1995-98. Additionally, he served as an assistant coach at UC Irvine from 2003-06.

Professional Career

Over the course of his professional career, he held several teaching positions at Miami University. The Zoology Department was fortunate to have him on staff as an instructor in entomology from 1928 until 1971, known for his systematic yet calm instruction style. He earned respect from colleagues in both fields: his contributions to zoology as well as insect research.

One of his former students, Vinnedge Lawrence, remembered hearing Boesel say in class, “That is something I have never seen before”- as having left an imprint on his mind. It was this same kind of inspiration and passion about science that Boesel passed along to his students – many of whom went on to become nationally renowned scientists themselves.

Personal Life

David Boesel (pronounced BO-zul) returned to his roots in 2006 and left coaching to become Chapman University’s Associate Director of Athletics, handling all matters related to NCAA rules, legislation, compliance and eligibility. Additionally he served as Currey’s right hand man when it came to university affairs such as producing Equity in Athletics Data Analysis reports for NCAA competition and serving as liaison between Athletics and Admissions/Student Affairs offices.

Boesel was an accomplished professional who loved spending time outdoors. His love of hiking and camping in Colorado’s mountains were legendary, as were his extensive insect collections which can still be admired at the Biological Sciences Building. Additionally, he took pleasure in Florida’s landscape with his extensive gardens that can still be admired today.

David Boesel

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