David Bogosian

David Bogosian

David Bogosian is a scientist and co-founder of Redesign Science Company. He’s also an entrepreneur and investor with an estimated net worth of $2M.

Even though he works as a scientist and his wife is an actress and comedian, they still find time for each other. They are contented together and enjoy life to the fullest.

Early Life and Education

David Bogosian, a Boston-based media mogul, is best known for his highly successful sports website Barstool Sports. This platform has become one of the most influential online publications in both Boston and beyond.

In 2003, the entrepreneur founded his website which has since achieved great success on the media landscape. Although he sold his majority stake to The Chernin Group in 2008, he still maintains creative control over content on the site.

David Bogosian is a successful businessman and an active philanthropist. He has donated to several causes, such as BCA – a non-profit that offers support for breast cancer patients and their families – plus written books on topics like technology and education. Married to Renee Satherthwaite, David and Renee have two children: a daughter and son.

Professional Career

David Bogosian has played for a variety of teams throughout his career. He has represented Serbia with Partizan, Fenerbahce in Turkey and Sacramento Kings in the USA.

He has represented Serbia in numerous international tournaments and earned himself numerous awards and trophies.

David is a Business Consultant and Transformational Coach who thrives on imparting knowledge, discovering people’s talents, and propelling growth through innovative systems. David uses an engaging game-like approach to motivate his clients and foster an atmosphere where individuals can achieve extraordinary results.

He specializes in Real Estate Development, Debt & Structured Finance, Real Estate Investments, Dealer Transactions Involving Fine Art & Real Estate as well as Business Law. Additionally, he has served as Mortgage Originator, Attorney and Real Estate Agent for several high-net worth clients.

Achievement and Honors

David Bogosian is renowned for his humorous vlogs, which have earned him millions of YouTube subscribers. Additionally, his social media presence is impressive with over 3 million Instagram followers who follow him to promote his videos and engage with fans.

David Bogosian is a wealthy man yet an upbeat family man who cherishes time with his wife and daughter. He rarely talks about his private life, preferring instead a low-key lifestyle.

He enjoys sports and football so you might spot him at the next game. Additionally, he enjoys fishing the Raquette River. Most importantly, however, is his kind spirit which has allowed him to help thousands of people through philanthropy.

Personal Life

David Bogosian is an acclaimed internet star from Kosice, Slovakia who moved with his family when he was young.

He is an American vlogger renowned for his comedic videos on YouTube. Additionally, he serves as celebrity judge on America’s Most Musical Family and co-host of the Teen Choice Awards.

He is married to Ilana, with whom he has a daughter named Ilana and son Jason. David and Ilana have been together since 2005.

Net Worth

David Bogosian is a renowned actor who has amassed an impressive net worth through his work. He has featured in multiple films and enjoys an avid fan base.

He has also appeared in various television shows and boasts an impressive list of sponsors. These partnerships enable him to earn a substantial amount of money through endorsements.

He enjoys traveling and reading in his free time, as well as writing a blog for HGTV which pays him an impressive amount of money.

He boasts a sizable social media following that loves his posts. In addition to his residences in Michigan and LA, he owns two houses.

David Bogosian

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