David De Gea Contract Rumours

There are rumours circulating the internet regarding the length of David de Gea’s contract. Manchester United are keen to keep their first-choice goalkeeper. According to The Sun, the goalkeeper has shown he is willing to turn down a deal worth PS350,000 a week. According to their version, Wayne Rooney is ‘open to other offers’. Although Manchester United officials have yet to confirm this, they do believe that Rooney is ‘open to other offers’.

Manchester United have activated a clause in David de Gea’s contract to keep him at club for another year. This clause allows the club to buy more time for new terms. Manchester United’s policy has been to offer fewer than three years contracts to players in their 30s. Therefore, this will allow the club to offer De Gea a longer contract, with a higher wage.

However, despite the new contract, Manchester United are not ruling out a transfer. De Gea is expected to return to the starting XI this season, and he’ll need consistent playing time if he’s to be considered a future No. 1. He must also be Spain’s No. If he wants to stay at Old Trafford, he must be the No. 1 in Euro 2016. This move should not come as a surprise, however.

Manchester United fans are pleased to hear the latest news about David de Gea’s contract. He is not a professional footballer who makes a million pounds per week, but he does make PS350,000 per week, which is approximately $18.4million a year. He is also a Spanish-born man, aged 30. David de Gea, a Manchester United fan for the past four years, is now aiming to win another title after Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure.

Manchester United should offer De Gea a new deal because he will put in good performances. Although the club hierarchy regrets offering De Gea a contract extension two years ago, it could be a positive move for the team to keep him. A new contract will ensure that the goalkeeper is happy, which will ultimately encourage the rest of the team to buy into the project of the manager.

Rumours abound that De Gea may leave the club to join Ajax. According to reports, De Gea is open to talks with Ajax’s manager at the moment. However, there is no hard evidence to support this. But De Gea remains open to a new contract. So why wouldn’t he sign a new one with a club that is close to his heart? If he is keen to leave, it’s best for the team to keep the manager as long as it’s good for the player.

David De Gea Contract Rumours
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