David Deckelbaum

David Deckelbaum Passes Away at the Age of 71

David Deckelbaum was a founding member of the Jerusalem Taverners, Israel’s first American folk and country band. Tragically, he passed away last week in Canada at 71 years old.

He was a dentist by profession and played banjo in the band. Throughout their 22-year history, he became renowned for singing risque sea shanties.

Early Life and Education

David Deckelbaum was born and raised in Canada, receiving his medical education at McGill University. As a highly-respected physician, he has dedicated his career to aiding those in need. Furthermore, his involvement with organizing research programs between Egyptian, Palestinian, and Israeli populations has resulted in numerous advances in medicine and science.

The Jerusalem Taverners were a legendary folk band that played over 20 shows at Jacob’s Ladder Folk Festival and released four albums over 22 years. Dr. Deckelbaum founded the group, featuring notable names like Shay Tochner and Jonathan Miller alongside him; but what truly distinguished The Jerusalem Taverners was their ability to attract an array of musical talent – including their daughter Yael Deckelbaum who went on to become one of Israel’s top solo female vocalists.

Professional Career

Israeli folk music has lost one of its most renowned musicians: David Deckelbaum. A founding member of the Jerusalem Taverners and talented old-style banjo player, Deckelbaum passed away in Canada last Wednesday at 71 from complications related to a stroke he had experienced last year. A dentist by profession, Deckelbaum had settled in Israel in the late 1960s and quickly established himself as an influential figure within its local folk community.

The band’s four studio albums became staples at Jacob’s Ladder Folk Festival during their 22-year career, playing more than 20 times during its run. When Deckelbaum returned home to Montreal in 2002, however, they reunited for one show at the festival the following year – 2007! Yael, also a successful solo artist and member of Habanot Nechama vocal group, released her fourth album this week called Enosh.

Personal Life

David Deckelbaum was a dentist by profession and an accomplished banjo player and founding member of the Jerusalem Taverners, Israel’s first American folk band.

Established in 1976, The group performed at Jacob’s Ladder Folk Festival more than 20 times and made a major impact on Israel’s folk music scene. They contributed greatly to the development of country music as an independent genre within Israel.

Over their 22-year existence, members such as Shay Tochner, Jonathan Miller, Elisha Avshalom and Paul Moore sang an array of songs from Irish to Canadian and American traditions.

Their music gained international acclaim and earned them several awards. Although the band disbanded in 2002, some of its members continued performing together. They performed at Jacob’s Ladder Festival and released four studio albums.

Net Worth

David deckelbaum has a net worth of $1 million. He works as an Equity Research Analyst for KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc, having joined them in summer 2011. Prior to that he was an Equity Research Associate at Banc of America Securities and had several years of senior corporate valuation consulting experience. David holds an MBA from McGill and is passionate about helping his clients reach their financial objectives by providing top-notch service with integrity while providing tailored solutions tailored for each individual’s needs.

David Deckelbaum

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