David Delauri

David Delauri – Financial Analyst/Assistant to the Director at Towne Vacations

David Delauri is a Financial Analyst/Assistant to the Director at Towne Vacations. Learn more about their role, responsibilities, and contact info.

David Delauri is a 59 year old male from Lynn, MA. Discover his current and past addresses, phone number, age, LinkedIn profile and public records by exploring the links provided below!

Early Life and Education

Delauri was born in Norfolk, Virginia and graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and master’s in social science. He has taught at the university since 2007 while also writing on educational philosophy and policy topics. He has authored multiple scholarly articles and book chapters as well as being an engaging guest speaker at conferences. His works have been featured in prestigious journals like The American Journal of Education, Teachers College Record and Educational Theory as well as being featured by multiple popular media outlets. Throughout his career he has earned numerous honors and awards that recognize his accomplishments.

Personal Life

David Delauri’s family and friends have been inspired by his professional successes. Aside from being a successful businessman, he also proudly fathers three children.

He is currently employed at Townebank as a Financial Analyst/Assistant to the Director – Towne Vacations. He has been with the company for six months, having joined their team since July 2017. With additional work experience and involvement within other companies, he is an active participant within their community. To find out more about him and his previous employers, you can explore his profile on Wiza or explore some of their websites. We have collected this data from public records and social media sources.

David Delauri

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