David Dickstein

David Dickstein

David Dickstein is a business lawyer who specializes in securities law, regulatory and compliance for investment advisers, hedge and private equity funds. He frequently provides guidance to his clients regarding Form ADV compliance, conflicts of interest disclosures, pay-to-play registration issues and lobbying registration matters as well as SEC examinations.

These records contain curriculum vitae; outgoing correspondence such as conference planning materials (1986-2000); and professional files including course descriptions, syllabi, assignments and drafts of book chapters, articles, essays and reviews (some not found in the Alphabetical Files). Documents are organized chronologically by year and alphabetically by folder title.

Early Life and Education

Early years are essential for setting the foundations of learning, health and well-being for children. They also shape how they will mature into successful adults.

Policy reform and investment in quality early childhood education experiences are paramount. Furthermore, it’s essential to recognize that the first three years are especially critical for brain development.

David Dickstein in this film examines his own academic upbringing and how it has shaped him as an individual. He emphasizes the value of those who extend their knowledge beyond their specialized fields, applying it to a much broader realm.

Professional Career

David Dickstein has a long and distinguished career as an investment banker, corporate financier, business strategist and advisor to emerging growth companies. Throughout most of his tenure with Houlihan Lokey’s Washington, DC Financial Institutions Group, he provided clients across various industries with mergers & acquisitions, capital markets expertise, valuation services, financial restructuring solutions and strategic consulting services.

As Director of the PediMIND Program at McLean Hospital, he is exploring the brain and behavior mechanisms behind child psychiatric disorders – such as mood disorders, non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) and cognitive flexibility – with the ultimate goal of improving diagnosis, prevention and care for these disorders. His studies use brain scanning, computer “games” along with detailed assessment tools like questionnaires, interviews and smartphone apps for detailed assessment purposes.

Achievements and Honors

David Dickstein is an esteemed scientist and expert on polymer chemistry. He holds multiple patents in this area and boasts a vast amount of research experience.

He has received numerous honors for his work, including the NIMH BRAINS R01 (Bio-Behavioral Research Award for Innovative New Scientist) and Gerald R. Klerman MD Award for Outstanding Clinical Research Achievement from NARSAD.

In 2011, he won APF’s Violet and Cyril Franks scholarship for his graduate-level psychology research on how motivational videos and interviews can help reduce stigma about seeking treatment for alcoholism among military veterans. A $5,000 grant was awarded in recognition of his accomplishments and in line with the scholarship goal: to support graduate-level research aimed at decreasing stigma, which is a significant barrier to treatment and recovery for individuals suffering from mental illness.

Personal Life

Dickstein loved spending time with family and friends, especially during summer vacations at Lake Winola in Scranton where they would kayaking and water skiing. Additionally, he enjoyed playing golf and formed many close friendships with his golf partners over the years.

David was an active member of his community, serving on the Boards of Directors for numerous local organizations. Most importantly, David was a proud husband and father who never let anything stand in the way of his involvement with his two sons Eric and Marc’s lives.

David Dickstein’s personal papers consist of letters, ephemera, publications and photographs. They document his academic career as well as his employment at CUNY Graduate Center and Jacobson Hat Company in Scranton.

Net Worth

Dickstein has amassed his net worth through investments in several privately held companies. Additionally, he owns a stake in Comsource – one of the largest residential property management firms in Washington, D.C. – as well as a small real estate business.

David and Gail enjoyed traveling, discovering new destinations around the world with friends and family. They also took great pleasure in spending summers at Lake Winola, where they’d often spend quality time with their kids during summers.

Dickstein amassed considerable wealth through private investments, but he also made money as a lobbyist. Last year alone, according to his disclosures, he represented more than 40 clients such as the American College of Rheumatology and Lorillard Tobacco.

Last July, Dickstein lost lobbying star Andrew Zausner and his team to rival Greenberg Traurig. Despite this setback, Dickstein still generated substantial income from domestic clients.

David Dickstein

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